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Need a particular dealer's info ASAP! They have $600 of mine


Neko Wafer:
Hi everyone -

I need a dealer's info ASAP. They overcharged me by $600! Yes, SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS.

They were the dealer catty-corner from the entrance, in the farthest corner, along the wall with the exit door. They were at the far end of the exit row, and had t-shirts and exotic weapons. I want to say they were across from another weapons dealer, but don't quote me on it. Their business name comes up as Fantasy & Hobby on my account.

Does anyone have their contact info? I need my money credited back to my account!

EDIT: Update -  it's okay at the moment. I found their contact info, so I called and she said it was backed off as soon as they realized what they did. I'm keeping an eye on my account to make sure the money reverts back to me.


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