Who's going and Who as (with Gatherings List) [2007]

Started by angeljibrille, May 30, 2006, 01:47:52 PM

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since i'm a big kenshin fan i'm gonna cosplay as him :P like the other 500 people who will do it cause it is probably one of the easiest to do :D


any Rock Lee's cosplaying? wait.. gah! i have to many things i wanna cosplay as... i might be lee oooor tobi....
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I'm going along with two of my friends.
I'm dressing as Dosu from Naruto, and my two friends are going to dress as Gaara and Temari.
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I'm dressing up as human-Inuyasha, "party-Inuyasha" for the raves, and human-Ryuk from Deathnote.  I might wear my simple Wufei or Duo costume.


Blar! I'm scrapping the second costume for one that will be much easier.Hopefully the InuYasha crowd will welcome me with lub.

1. Gilgamesh (FFVIII or XII ver.)


so far i've come up with a few ideas

Trinity Blood nun (non specific character or maybe noelle)

Tantan fron naruto

Eruru from Utawarerumono
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I decided to go as a randome girl in kimono(xD),Gogo, and Orihime (Bleach).

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Ok, I'm definately doing Etna (Disgaea), Lucy (Elfen Lied) is a most likely unless dubbed too scandelous, Nana (EL) will be reserved for Monday.
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Kuro Fuugetsu

I'll be going as the Hueco Mundo version of Kaname Tousen(Bleach), as well as his Taichou version. In addition, I'll also be cosplaying as Bob Makihara(Tenjho Tenge), and my Cliff Fittir(Star Ocean 3) if it's done in time.  :D
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Mawhaha your never to early for planning out your cosplay design for anime north ^^ Me and a group of my friends may be cosplaying as E'S Otherwise instead of Naruto this year.
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Rufus Shinra

I cosplayed as Rufus in Advent Children, so I guess I'll do that again. But I also made a costume of Vincent and I thought I'd add a Lucrecia to my group from DoC too, so there's another FF7. We also had Seph and a couple of Turks but I don't know if the people are coming this year, so... yeah. Is there going to be a Gathering this next Fanime for FF7??? Any one know? It was totally awesome! To those who knew about it and showed up on time anyways. I totally wowed when the REAL Cloud Strife showed up (ok, he wasn't real but he could've been, he looked so cool and had the sword down perfect!) I just about fell over trying to get my camera out. Anyone else see him? He was going around with a Kadaj who had Mother in the box and a Sephiroth who looked real good too.


I really hope I haven't put up this list in the past, but whatever. My plans are still prone to change, but here's my current list~

- time-skip Hinata
- AC Tifa
- Honey [Katamari Damacy]
- raver!Yuna [only for the rave-thing]
- long-haired Haruhi [only for OHSHC gathering]
- SnJ Sasuke (or Naruto) [only for SnJ gathering]
- (??) surprise cosplay

I'll be in the masquerade as Hinata, but whether I'll be wearing my tj cos or pre-tj is to be determined in the future. :] I might showcase my Honey costume instead, but we'll see.
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2O1O? ideas pending ~
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It's still being debated but I'm going as Ayame (furuba).
Hopefully Kuea (elemental gelade) as well...
And because I'm not sure of others I'll dress as I normally would... very lolita.


It's still being debated but I'm going as Ayame (furuba).
Hopefully Kuea (elemental gelade) as well...
And because I'm not sure of others I'll dress as I normally would... very lolita.


I'm going as Happosai from Ranma 1/2  in his panty theif outfit XD  Ive got plans that will for sure make me be noticed >.>


I'm doing one old school, Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi) and one newer one Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle).  Anyone else doing anything for Fushigi Yuugi or Howl's Moving Castle?  (OK this is like the 4th time I've tried to post this and I keep getting invalid session...driving me crazy I tell you)
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I will be going as..

Mukuro Rokudo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!(97%)

Allen Walker from D.Gray-man(50%)

Mamori Anezaki from Eyeshield 21 (65%)


Shimuka from Airgear Goth Loli Ver. ( 50%)

Agito Wanijima from Airgear Punk ver ( 63%)
Cosplay List:
Marufuji Ryo (Zane Truesdale)- Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (10%)
Suzumiya Haruhi- Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu(95%)
Simca 1st ver- Air Gear (10%)
Kaiba Seto Battle City ver.
Tenjyoin Fubuki (Atticus Rhodes) Academy ver.

Siri Ex

I'll be going as Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man. ^ ^


Ok! I think i think I MIGHT cosplay as one of these characters...
1. For the Naruto groups:
   TenTen (If hair grows to length)
   Rock Lee
   Sakon or Ukon (both if possible... If hair grows to length)
2. (For lolita gathering only):
   Crossdressing lolita w/ or w/o flowers
   (This costume also goes for the rave (hopefully)

3. Guitar Hero (No real guitar, SG guitar)
  Jonny (or however you spell his name, forgot last name)
  Judy Nails (if hair grows to length)

On the flip side, I might be wearing only 3 or 4 of the costumes (it would be to heavy to carry all those costumes....)...
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