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Started by Akaihari, May 30, 2006, 05:41:41 PM

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Strawberry Panic and Simou come to mind as well and Mai Otome, since it was an alternate universe version of Mai Hime.

I agree, if the yaoi fangirls get their own room, then the yuri fans should get their own room too.
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if you guys wouldn't mind i would love to volunteer to help see it through. just throwing out a suggestion since this topic's last post was back in july.

i would love to start up a yuri room or the whatnot but only if people actually want to do it.

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I think a yuri room would be totally awesome! It's really not fair that the yaoi fangirls, and the occational fanboys, get all the attention! Yuri should be getting lots of attention as well.  :cry:


yeah! yeah.. oh wait, does that mean you have to be 18+ to go to the yuri rooms?
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Don't ask me.

Btw...what about Kashi Mashi? I don't know if that was ever stated. I mean even though the main charecter was born a guy....he gets that alien sex change thing in the first episode....<.<;


The age restriction is dependant on what exactly is shown. Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ definetly counts, and you wouldnt have to be 18 for that.

But dont forget that most of the yaoi stuff is sponsored by Yaoi Con. Its not that fanime is catering particularly to one side and not the other, its just that theres no Yuri Con active in California (at least not that I know of XD)
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Yeah that DOES really rather suck and put us at an unfair disadvantage. Which is really weird considering how many guys love lesbians....but then again....girls go beyond that with their obcession over yaoi ^^;;


I would LOVE to see yuri at the con... I mean, you could always divide the under 18 and 18+ series, at a certain time.

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Quote from: "Jun-Watarase"I would LOVE to see yuri at the con... I mean, you could always divide the under 18 and 18+ series, at a certain time.
Yeah that is a good point. There's a lot of good yuri that isn't hentai.

There's the really soft stuff in that Maria-sama anime about the catholic school girls in Japan. Heck they even pan out when the girls are kissing. <.<;