What did you guys think of the MusicFest?

Started by laminatedbunny, May 30, 2006, 06:10:46 PM

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For me, I was really disappointed with the Musicfest this year. :cry:   In fact, I left before the show was even over. (I left after the fourth act) Maybe it's just my taste in music..but I was expecting to hear something like ZZ or maybe camino or nami tamaki. I guess I didn't really like the music because most of them made this sound..i don't know how to describe it..but they sang in a way where it sounds like they're wailing. kinda like.. UWAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. and i guess i don't like the kinda music where there's wailing like that. and I'm not terribly fond of crazy, head-banging, migrain-inducing songs either. D:

maybe i'm just picky. i dunno. i wasn't disappointed the past two years at fanime, but i was this year.

Anyway, what did you guys think?


Mothercoat was awesome to me, in fact I bought the CD the first 20 seconds they started.

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i did not go. too tired, and loud music for one night makes me go deaf for a week. so, no music fest this year.

however, i think we need amano. do you know how many people would go if she was there? :D:D sure, no one has ever heard of her *before* the con, but as soon as they get thier first taste of her...

she would be a HUGE hit. :D (and has the insanity needed for an anime convention setting~)


The sound was great, the audience sucked.

When I say the audience sucked, I don't mean as in behavior, but there was BARELY ANYONE THERE in comparison to the cosplay masquerade (Which, by far, was not as good as the music at that time).

I felt sorry for them, as with many others, at the attendance rate. They fly all the way from Japan to play to some audience that they want to enjoy listening to their sound, and no one is encouraged enough to go with their efforts.

There were so many great sounds there that I ended up staying almost all the time (Ran off to a panel in a middle). Swinging Popsicle in particular was very soothing to listen to after the hyperactive day to day of the con music and Miami. I was never a fan of punk rock so Goofy Style was not really of my flavor, so I stayed though after they were done.

There should have been MANY more people there. It was great.


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I loved Mothercoat. I think this year's Musicfest was a LOT better than last year's. But did anyone else miss Ramen & Rice? I didn't seem them at the Fanime at all.


Quote from: "petit ningyou"But did anyone else miss Ramen & Rice? I didn't seem them at the Fanime at all.

I saw one of the players, (The one who plays the violin... the name escapes me) on monday walking around the convention hall, so I said hello. She said they didn't play this year because one of them was in Los Angeles and couldn't make it to Fanime.

But it was at least nice seeing her. I knew I wasn't hallucinating when I saw her walking on the first floor when I was taking a rest on the second on Saturday.


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Didn't get to see much but

Goofy Style - somewhat loud with lots of distortion. They didn't get the number of audience they deserved imo.

Swinging Popsicle - kicked ass, nothing more to say

Mothercoat - heard great things, missed it :(



I loved MusicFest! And I loved the mini-concerts at Stage One! It was a greta place to relax and get off your feet. However, it went on FOREVER and my friend and I got kind of bored...


I really enjoyed Musicfest this year, but for the most part I can't say I enjoyed it as much as I did last year's (maybe because I was really worn out--aching and sore feet and knees, and it wasn't my first musicfest--so less thrill?).

I loved all the performers, but at some points, some of the acts felt a bit too long. And at some points people were bored and/or tired waiting for the next act or of the performance. I guess that may explain why some people left during the middle of the concert? I also remember him (forgot his name..) going "wait wait! we still have one more band! Come back"

In many ways, I didnt feel the same excitement and fervor as I did with ZZ, and sort of disappointed that there wasn't a "ZZ" type of group this year that brought that same amount of thrill and fun. But not to say that the groups performing this year weren't awesome.

I totally agree with Chun though! The audience!! I was saddened! I was up by the stage, and at points during the performances I would look back at the chairs, balcony seatings..and they were pretty much EMPTY! I felt so bad for the performers as well.  Most of the performers were absolutely amazing! I especially loved how Mothercoat involved the audience, and just how hyper they were xD (along with a few other groups). Gyaah, it must have been awful to look into the big civic auditorium, and see so many empty seats though ;[. And I'm amazed at how many times bigger the turn out is for the cosplay show than there is for musicfest!

Also! Was anyone here at Stage One on Sunday? That was pretty sad too, there weren't TOO many people there, and by the time Uphold was up, half the people were gone, there was a line for Mothercoat's autographs (which took away a big chunk of the people), and barely anyone up front by the stage. I could see the frustration and disappointment in the vocalist's/band members' faces as they stared into the audience..and his hesitation to start performing (because, there were just so few people up there :[ ). Also one of the coordinators had to actually point and tell people to go up front. D: The fact is, it just isn't as exciting if the audience isn't involved. Maybe more publicity?

But as for good things--there was a lot of variety, and a lot of the bands have a lot of personality, and also very approachable when you pass them by in the hall xD. Waah, and a lot of the music was very catchy x).

Also, Kamijo!!! I loved his little live :D
But it was frustrating having to think --omg, what time is it.. need to line up for musicfest ! xD

Random note- I couldnt tell where one of Goofy Style's songs ended or started xD, but loved them anways.

And that is that, I think this got too long >>


Dude, uphold kicked ass... so much that I actually raked out $20 to get a shirt.  And Nolan, the drummer from Swinging Popsicle was great to talk to backstage. I liked musicfest this year because they brought so many different styles to fanime.


I still have a hard time understanding for the past four years now, what is it about the music fest that the attendees of Fanime are not supporting it. There so many people attend and you would assume a large part of the attendees would support the concerts.

Do you think that possibly the Fanime con goers only want visual kei JROCK groups?  It seems like the trend has been when a visual kei band performs the majority of the people come and afterwards they leave and not stay for the other bands.

So, I 'm curious if the trend that people want to see instead of diverse bands...just visual kei JROCK bands or female pop bands.  I'm curious if Fanime was able to get Orange Range or Asian Kung Fu Generation (both bands with popular anime tie-in songs), would it matter?   Would people attend or would they only want to go to the visual kei JROCK concerts instead.    

If you didn't go to the music fes...why was that?  (too many better things that your interested in was competing for your time against the bands performing, no interest in certain bands, etc.)



I went to Musicfest and enjoyed it quite a lot. Goofy Style, Swinging Popsicle, Mothercoat and awesome for me. Up Hold, they were good but I'm not too into their kind if music. I saw them all again at Stage One on Sunday. I'm not really sure what was up with the crowd either but the people who were there were in to it.

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Music Feast this year really wasn’t my fancy. My main favorites were Swinging Popsicle and Mothercoat but that’s about it. Fanime tried mixing too many genre's together and plus the crowd was really small. Everyone pretty much left because the music just didnt mix well with them. Though the one thing that ticked me off the most was the announcer/MC. Everything he said was so BS. Most of it wasn’t even legit/true and he had absolutely no background knowledge of the Music Industry in Japan.  Anyways I feel bad for the bands too for not getting the type of energy they planned. Oh well hopefully next year it will be better..


Quote from: "kndy"If you didn't go to the music fes...why was that?  (too many better things that your interested in was competing for your time against the bands performing, no interest in certain bands, etc.)

this is going to sound super lame, but honestly, from hearing about members rave about music fest in the past, i figured that i would have to give up an arm and a leg (not money-wise, but in terms of.. battling through the crowds and such) just to get into music fest. had i known that there would be a notoriously low attendance, i totally would have made the effort to go. i'm a hip-hop/urban fan, so poplar would've really catered to my tastes, i reckon. next year, if i am at fanime, i will go to music fest for sure ):.

look for mikuru @ fanime 2007 (;


Yeah, I spent most of my time during MusicFest up at the front, watching the crowds.  Mothercoat though... whoa.  That singer is off his friggin rocker, and it was fun/annoying to chase him around Civic.  >_<


I loved musicfest!  My friend and were almost expelled from the concert during the Uphold performance for knocking down a crowd of people during a mosh.  I am looking forward to next year's concert.



No mosh pit kinda sucks but I understand since there is little ones up there. Started one 3 times but got shut down in about 10 to 20 sec. Darn you fanime bouncers.. tee hee. Compared to some concerts ive been to the volume was too low.. Yes too LOW. hehe Uphold rocks! Im a total Metal head.

Maybe next year have one j-pop and j-goth groups?
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i can think of a perfect non-viskei j-rock group with a female lead singer (most popular j-rock tends to be male singers, from what i have seen, and j-pop tends to be more females) and is totally awesome that would be a great hit at fanime. she has some really diverse music, too, so pop fans and rock fans will find her great. (in fact, everyone i have introduced her to thinks she is fantastic. ^-^)

and i was told that one of her songs, and i can think of a few more that probably can also, would SO create a mosh pit at fanime.  :lol:


I loved musicfest. This was the first musicfest that I've been to and I was very impressed by it. Swinging popsicle and mothercoat by far stole the show. What an addon mothercoat was! They definately were getting some love from the crowd. I missed their performance in that one room on Friday, but I heard they were drawing a crowd. We definately need to get them back here. For me, musicfest was one of the major highlights of Fanime. I love music, regardless if its rap, rock, r&b, or whatever. I really don't understand why people aren't going to a concert that doesn't cost extra. I just hope that we didn't leave a bad taste in the musician's mouth about the lack of crowd.

There definately was a problem with the order of the acts and some of the acts didn't really fit in with the others. I think it would have been better to have a maximum of 4 acts in total. 5 just felt too long. I had to leave by the time Uphold came up, but it wasn't because I didn't want to watch them. Hopefully more people will go to the musicfest next year.


Well, this was my 3rd Fanime and the first time at Musicfest, mainly because I didn't know about it the last 2 years.

I really had a blast, the bands where great and I bought all their cds, except for Miami, because I couldn't find them. But it was great fun. I also thought more would show up, but I just figured it was normal since there is a lot going on at Fanime. I can't wait to see what they bring out next year.

Oh yeah, Mothercoat rocks.
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