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Author Topic: FanimeCon 2006 Masquerade Winners  (Read 2292 times)

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FanimeCon 2006 Masquerade Winners
« on: May 30, 2006, 11:57:19 PM »

Best of Show

Best of Show (Overall):
HCC Cosplay
Oscar Francoise de Jarjayes (Rose of Versailles) by AJ
Andre Grenier (Rose of Versailles) by Aimee

Junior/Youth Achievement
Bleachy Kids
Ishida Uryuu (Bleach) by Brandon
Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach) by Joe

Performance Division

Best of Division: Performance, Group
Atobe Keigo (The Prince of Tennis), by Sana-Chan
Oshitari Yuushi (The Prince of Tennis), by Richiied
Chotarou Ohtori (The Prince of Tennis), by Chas
Hiyoshi Wakashi (The Prince of Tennis), by Hilde-Chan
Kabaji Munehiro (The Prince of Tennis), by G-mal
Mukahi Gakuto (The Prince of Tennis), by Jaina Solo
Shishido Ryou (The Prince of Tennis), by Pikmink Link
Akutagawa Jiroh (The Prince of Tennis), by Kise

Best of Division: Performance, Individual
LiT: Lost in Translation
Camina (Final Fantasy XI), by Mario

Best Dramatic Skit
Gainax Boy Productions
Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion), by Gainax Boy
Asuka Langley Sohryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion), by Lady Axum

Best Comedic Skit
Gomu Mochi
Maes Hughes (Full Metal Alchemist), by Hiku
Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist), by Aya

Best Choreography
AstroSexy Cosplay
Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear), by Juancarlos
Jam (Guilty Gear), by Nessa
Baiken (Guilty Gear), by SU
Chip (Guilty Gear), by Wasabi
May (Guilty Gear), by Cherry Tea Girl
Ky (Guilty Gear), by CJ

Wayne #1 & Wayne #2's Judges Award:
Tenjou Tenge Takes a Hike
Isuzu Emi (Tenjou Tenge), by Sharon
Natsume Aya (Tenjou Tenge), by Jackie
Natsume Maya (Tenjou Tenge), by Jill
Billboard, by Zach

Jenny & Chrissy's Judges Award
Satan (Puyo Puyo), by Makkura
Rulue (Puyo Puyo), by Ha-chan
Draco (Puyo Puyo), by Karrie Shirou
Roxas (Kingdom of Hearts 2), by Ener
Samurai (Disgaea), by Gen-chan
Ken (Digi Mon), by Lisa
Sora (Kingdom Hearts 2), by Phi
Unknown (Kingdom Hearts 2), by Pekkle

Honorable Mention, Group
Con Artist Cosplay
Aang (Avatar the Last Airbender), by Luck in Spades
Prince Zuko (Avatar the last Airbender), by Remmy
Fanfic Fangirl, by Nicole

Honorable Mention, Individual
Funkadelic Disco Soul
Nightmare (Soul Calibur 3 for PS2), by Nightmare

Craftsmanship Division

Best of Division: Advanced Craftsmanship, Group
Someday our Prince Will Come
Utena Rose Bride (Shoujo Kakumei Utena), by Lynleigh Love Meeko
Anthy Rose Bride (Shoujo Kakumei Utena), by Wendy Kitty

Best of Division: Advanced Craftsmanship, Individual
Trow (Final Fantasy XI), by Trow

Best of Division: Craftsmanship, Group
animal party
Ion Fortuna (Trinity Blood), by tiff
Ester Blanchett (Trinity Blood), by Lala
Abel (Trinity Blood), by Den

Best of Division: Craftsmanship, Individual
Slightly Regrettable
Seras Victoria (Hellsing OVA), by Ashley

Design Award
ChibiLuna (prize was for Luna's designs)
Rey Za Burrel (Gundam Seed Destiny), by Luna
Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed), by Chibi

Wayne #1 & Wayne #2's Judges Award
The Mushroom Brigade
Princess Peach Toadstool (Super Mario Bros.), by Tanya
Wario (Super Mario Bros.), by Michelle
Mario (Super Mario Bros.), by Laura

Chrissy & Jenny's Judges Award
Yoshitaka Amano FFVI
Rachel (Final Fantasy VI), by Ms. ReCord

Honorable Mention, Group
Hugo (Suikoden III), by Amitie
The Flame Champion (Suikoden III), by Joanne
Meroko (Full Moon wo Sagashite), by Janet

Honorable Mention, Individual
I Can't Believe It's Not Better (Rei costume specifically)
Rei Ayanami (Evangelion), by Rosie
NOTE: The group also featured:
Gendou Ikari (Evangelion), by Kane
Kaji Ryohji (Evangelion), by Katie

Congratulations everyone!!! ^_^

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