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Started by otakuya, May 31, 2006, 09:37:49 PM

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Best day?

Day 0: Thursday
1 (2.8%)
Day 1: Friday
2 (5.6%)
Day 2: Saturday (MusicFest, etc...)
19 (52.8%)
Day 3: Sunday (Cosplay Spectacular, etc...)
12 (33.3%)
Day 4: Monday
2 (5.6%)

Total Members Voted: 35

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What's your best day of the con, in terms of programming and overall happenings? Amazingly, I liked the Thursday of Fanime, because everyone is well rested and ready. There was also the swap meet and everything (and everyone) was 'fresh'.


My best day would have to me Sunday from 1am to 3pm.. because of.. reasons.. *grins*

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i liked saturday, even though i crashed at 9:30 that night from being so tired. XD ANTAGONITE was love, though very tiring. >.<


Probably Day 3, since I got to dress up, meet others at the FMA Gathering, get some nice stuff like the whole set of FF7:AC Keychain figures, got a really nice looking homulculi mark airbrushed on my hand and do a skit in the masquerade


Saturday/night.. Stayed up to 4am with some good friends since highschool. Hanged out with my girlfiend, watched AMVs, rocked hard at Musicfest,drank myself silly, watched hentai somewhat drunk then watched my friend pee 7 stories out the hotel room window because it was closer than the bathroom.. hehe Thank god there wasnt anyone down there.. Golden shower for the stinky otakus anyone??.. LOL
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I can hardly remember what I did at the con any more, but I'd say that A Bittersweet Life on Sunday night / Monday morning was great.


Saturday is always my favorite day. I'm still awake enough to enjoy myself and I can stay out all night enjoying anime.
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wow a hard one.

i still chose Saturday cuz of the AMV contest
but Friday is good cuz NO ONE (srsly only like 1000) is at the con on friday.  the dealers room and gaming room are still filled but you can srsly feel the difference saturday afternoon...crowded

Saturday night / Sunday morning or Sunday night / Monday morning is good. cuz most of the best shows were being shown around that time.
Air , Rozen Maiden, Yakitate, Bleach, School Rumble (too bad it was cancelled) and yeah


It's hard to decide between friday and sunday..... Probably sunday. I got to have some alone time with the guy I wanted alone time with, and everything on sunday just went well.


hmmm, i'd probably have to say Sunday. I loved hanging out with the FMA group and masquerade was fun. Although I also enjoyed Saturday to an unbelievable amount, I did more on that day than the next 2 days combined most likely.


Sunday night Monday Morning

The time that I never go to sleep at any Fanime. It is a bit of a tradition to just stay awake and reflect with other congoers about their experiences.

My group this year was Meg from Artist Alley, Andrea(?) from a group I was hanging out with earlier, MeliCat, Oni, and whoever those other two brought along with them.
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Saturday because thats the only day i went, besides the pre reg badge pick up day, but that day doesnt count, because nothing goes on....


saturday night. by far. and it all happened in e-gaming.

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yeah...only a handful of things could have ruined that night for me...AND THEY DIDNT! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :P


Quote from: "Oopymmas2"My best day would have to me Sunday from 1am to 3pm.. because of.. reasons.. *grins*

word  8)


Sunday into Monday, my friend forgot his ID so we watched the asian films, which were quite good, if not wierd, Survival Style 5! O man crazy.
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Saturday! Because of the AMV's, the money I had didn't spend at the Swap Meet was spent in the dealers room (Over 650.00 was spent on Studio Ghibli merch.) Sat. was A++ for me.


I would have to say Sunday because of the FMA gathering. Usually my best days are Saturday and Sunday. Friday not so much because it takes me a while to get into the flow; although I did my picture taken with mothercoat on Friday :D


Saturday was more populated than any other day, plus I had quite a bit of Maximum Tune 2 competition that day.
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I voted Friday mainly because of:

-BubbleGum Crisis
-Dinner gathering
-Swap Meet (I actually bought stuff this year)
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Saturday cause that was the only day I went lol