Tekken 5 ladies.

Started by Oniyaki, June 01, 2006, 12:21:03 AM

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Hey I got my arse handed to me by 2 females in Tekken 5. Who are they? One was dressed as Asuka, I seen her round local arcades, but the other one... she had a tail at one point. She took it off and came back later. She seemed fluent in Japanese. She was speaking to some Japanese dude in a backpack. I think I need to worship her... because... yeah....  :wink:  maybe it was my imagination... or the fact it was getting really hot... or maybe she really is like super rad. So rare a flower..  :( Girl with tail, if you read this.... YOU ARE LIKE SUPER COOL!


sounds.... HOT




aww and its first post wondering where his dream girl went how cute  :wink:

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What in heck possessed me to make that post! Dam that heart organ! I knew I should have gotten rid of that thing long ago. Nothing but trouble! Or maybe it's that other organ....

dj 8-ball

Sounds like one of them might be Junknown. A well known female Tekken player in tourneys. Was she using Ling?


looks like we know someone now who seems to be popular with those in the tekken tournament branch.

This sig isnt true anymore...I have to wait for a bit...


Ah I know of that Junknown I think... seen her around arcades in the Bay Area, but I was referring to the other one. lol. What female doesn't use Asuka or Ling? Off the subject... is Armor King low tier?


Uwaaah~!! XD

That was me~ *___*;;

I'm very flattered that you remember me~ hahaha~~

Yeah, I took my tail off 'cause I was afraid it was hitting people~!! lol~ XD

I'm not Junknown ;__; But I wish I could have met her >____<

I'm not fluent in Japanese, but I know it very brokenly~ And the Japanese guy looked really shy 'cause I don't think he spoke english very well, so I started talking to him~ haha~~ He just talked about how Japanese players are better =___=;;; .... (Even though I hella beat him the majority of times we played~! >___< )

I hope you get my reply~!! XD I'm glad you didn't delete it!! I've had a very bad day and this cheered me up soooo much~!!! XD <3333 thank you~~~~ XD XD  I hope I get to fight you again! Who were you when we fought!?
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*claps* Congrats Im glad you two found each other ^-^ Guess you two can meet and exchange of a couple of greetings and move very fast up down and sidestepping all at the same time when playing each other in a match O.o Or something along those lines. Anyways *claps* Congrats ^_^

This sig isnt true anymore...I have to wait for a bit...