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chibi moshpit


I almost feel stupid for suggesting this,but here goes.

Since we can't mosh for liability reasons,I was thinking we do the next best thing.We could attach small 2 foot (or some size around there)high figures to the end of a stick.The figures would be made out of paper mache(or any durable material you may choose).Then we form around a cloth or paper circle that's placed on the ground,turn up some metal/j-rock, and have all the figures bash into each other.We could also run in a circle and have the lil guys circle pit aswell.Hell,we could even make them mosh to up beat ayumi hamasaki.And maybe use the cloth circle as an arena for mini sumo matches where the winner gets a pocky box.

Ayanami Rei First Child:
That sounds like it's on some serious drugs you know <.<;


--- Quote from: "Ayanami Rei First Child" ---That sounds like it's on some serious drugs you know <.<;
--- End quote ---

It's not drugs,it's skitzo frenia.


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