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Signs policy?

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And of unfortunately there are fads that never seem to go away, like Fanboy Funk. >.<

More like a plague than any fad. >.>;

Maybe Rovers can be on the lookout for any unapproriate signs or signs that contain profanity [at least during the time where there maybe younger atendees]. That's more of a courtesy/common sense thing, but some people don't comprehend as much as others.

I agree... there isn't a reason to go out and set up an iron-clad policy, because a) it's not really a problem, and b) we can kick memebrs out for any number of reasons, not the least of which is "carrying inappropriate signs." Writing it out would only encourage people to break the rule or waste time weaseling around it.

Ayanami Rei First Child:
Yeah it's really more of a mild annoyance to you people and I think they are often times rather amusing. I don't think most of those people think of it as cosplay, and it should NEVER be considered one...unless maybeh it was highly creative. You have better thinks to do with your time....and better things to upset people by. Such as going around the people who smell and tell them "Tame that Fanboy Funk Biotch!" :twisted:

To a lesser extent, fangirl funk.  I know that those people who don't know of Fangirl Funk just wait till the day we get someone like Seki Tomokazu or someone else of Weiss...   *shivers*  its a scary scary thing.


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