Bloody Roar cosplay for 2008

Started by Eheroofjustice, June 11, 2006, 09:55:51 PM

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Has anyone heard of bloody roar? I am looking for someone who wants to cosplay this series I am looking for someone who wants to cosplay uriko and also any other bloody roar characters. Does anyone wants to cosplay this series for 2008? Please help me out. I don't have anyone to cosplay the same series with.
Yay! Guilty Gear rocks! I love crossdressing! ^_^



Because I plan on cosplaying negi springfield and sasuke again for 2007.
Yay! Guilty Gear rocks! I love crossdressing! ^_^


i'll consider going as Xion, but 2008...not sure if i'll remember ^^;
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Sweet. I will have to remind u about it. We just need a uriko in her br 3 outfit. I like her new origional outfit.
Yay! Guilty Gear rocks! I love crossdressing! ^_^

Fain Erevast

Sweet! Someone else who knows about Bloody Roar! :D
I'd love doing some cosplay for it, but I don't think I could get away with any of the characters..
Well, 2008 is pretty far away, so I'll just wait and see if I can...
Who knows, maybe I'll be able to pull of one of the characters then! ^_^




I will have him done for 08!!! PENGUIN PWNS YOU ALL BIATCHS!!! >3

On yet another break....


'08? I'm sure I could shave of a few pounds by then, then i'd be able to pull off a pretty good Yugo.
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You Guys are killing me!! I was planning on going as Uriko for '07! why not just push up plans an extra year- i mean come on... the convention is 4 days long!


wel since i do martial arts n have a long tail i could go as Long


I plan on cosplaying Long. Why not cosplay Shenlong?
Yay! Guilty Gear rocks! I love crossdressing! ^_^


Thank you for reminding me. Well, I was playing it before I saw this, so good refreshment of memory.

I'd love to see a Uranus cosplayer, but if I were to cosplay as a character myself, I'd try out Buzushima! ^^


i'm on old school Bloody Roar so don't kill
but i was planning to do either Alice (the bunny)
or Fox... (that pretty guy with blonde hair.. who happens to look and sound like  a chick in the game)