If you could date any anime character...

Started by kscuotakus, March 25, 2003, 12:39:39 AM

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Quote from: "SpazMegami"Or could it be that we have to choose from a group of people where some, like animesucksfatass, are just so digusting, unthoughtful and rude that there are no other choices?

Hey, I'm insulted! ^^
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Quote from: "animesucksfatass"okay you physco paths... you would rather date a cartoon character then i really woman? NOW i really pity you. What are your closets full of? huh? strange sex toys i beat. I can't wait to see you to a the movies loser man/women with their cardboard cut out date. At least your doing us a favor and keeping the population down. And i thank god for that so i don't have to see your kids running around with what "NeW" Anime thing that is coming out next. I think what you all need to do is give this shit up for a few weeks get a girl and go get laid, enough with the hand already. GOd just leave this post now before i shove my foot up your ass.

It's such a shame that stupid people are aloud to utilize the 1st Ammendment.  Okay, why are you here, oh poster child for brain death?  Is your life so empty and meaningless that you feel the need to come here, and post this crap baring your ignorance (and apparent lack of an elementary education) just to get attention?  How pathetic are you, anyway?  How about  you stop downloading porn, move out of your parent's basement and maybe, oh, I don't know, go back to school?
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Hey, hey now haruka, it's not necessary to sink down to his level.  The first amendment is there for a reason, but I do agree with people that it is very sad for someone who hates anime to sign up on an anime board and bash anime.  Let people see the irony of someone who has a severe dislike of anime to sign-up on an anime bbs just to make an asshole of himself by putting down anime, or rather the sterotypical lifestyle of an anime fan.

Besides, he probably did that just to get people angry at him.  Let's let it slide now and if this thing happens again, let's try to get the admin to ban the guy for inciting a flame war.
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Ignore irate, attention wanting, strange person.  Let's get back to the subject.

Out of new releases(the past year or so?) who do you like best?
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See, I saw him show up when he registered and tried to get him banned earlier (oh come on, you don't anticipate trouble when somebody signs up for the Fanime forum as "anime sucks fat ass"?) but it didn't really work out until now.

Oh yea, all the posts earlier got drowned out for me, so I went back to read it all, so I'm gonna pull up some ancient stuff to put my opinions on.

I would rather go out with somebody who's interested in anime, but not the same types I am in.  That way we can keep babbling about something the other person doesn't really understand.  I would find that amusing ^^  And we'll have all the genres covered, woo!

One interest I have that I don't really see many women engaged in is video games though.  That's my other main hobby aside from anime, and I would really like to meet somebody who likes to play the same stuff I do.

Now I sound really childish ~.~ bleh I'm tired, maybe I'll write a better response some other time.
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Yeah, girl gamers rule. *thinks*  I know one hardcore female gamer for sure, but aside from her, I'm kinda stumped.  I long for the day when I can meet a girl who can keep up when I'm rambling on and on about gaming.  It'd be nice if she could follow my hardware ramblings too, but I guess that's asking for a bit too much.

Hm... recent person?  Um... well, maybe it's a little cheating, but the Nakoruru OVA was released in '02, so my vote goes to my love, Nakoruru.  As for new characters from new series... um... Sawatari Makoto from Kanon?  Yeah, I suppose that'll do.



Heh. Those who think that hardcore girlgamers are a rare breed really don't know to look. I know everything from casual gamers, to DDR fanatics (there's one in New York that was really crazy over DDR! o_O) to the more pure hardcore gamers.

True, they aren't the most common people on the gaming scene, but it's a flawed concept to consider them rare.


The vast, vast majority of girl gamers I know are casual fans and/or DDR players, without any hint of indepth knowledge about the gaming scene, history, etc.  I would agree with your assessment that girl gamers in general are not rare, but I think it's fairly safe to say that hardcore female gamers are.  The problem is, games have and still are a male-dominated hobby.  That male domination seems to be eroding slowly now, but ten years ago, girl gamers were, more or less, unheard of.  Without a nice solid background in gaming, I find that most girl gamers cannot follow in serious gaming discussions and lack the kinds of experiences that I have because I have been in the hobby for so long.  Now don't pounce on me anyone.  This is merely an observation taken from experience.



First of all I want to mention...WHY ARE ANIME GUYS SO GODANG HOT?!?!?! Why can't real guys be like that *cries* :cry:

Ne who theses r my dateable guys and why

Weiss Kreuz:
Ken-  soo hot i can't describe how i feel about him all i know is i WANT him NOW! *drooling*

Aya-  Love for his sister gets ya right there *hits chest* ow.. and the fact he's soo mysterious is a turn on i always wonder what underneath his overcoat "ReOwW!"  :wink:

Fushi Yugi:

Tamahome: Lets just say any girl would kill to have how he feels for Miaka to them! Plus i love how he can pull of being soo funny at times and his love for kids kicks ass too

Hotohori: awww u just can't help but want to love him the way he did Miaka plus he's one of the hotest guys with long hair

Taski: I love his hardcore attitude but also childlike habbits. When he goes in denial about death it tugs at the heart strings

Miroku: OMG HOTEST MONK EVER! I love how senciere he acts even when he's trying to hit on a chick he pulls it off with his sly attitude. He's very flattering

Inuyasha: one of  the cutest demons ever awww. He'd be someone fun to really get to know and get to be sentimental with that is if u can ;)

Sprited away

Haku: What can i say is that simple caring guy always makes the list. Plus he's the cutest dragon ever and i swear him and that little girl LOVE each other and should of kissed or at least kissed me! *teary eyeed*

So to all u guys out there thes r some of the type of guys we girls look for! Just something to keep in mind be4  making a move u might regreat hehe  :wink:
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whoo hoo ken, aya, tamahome, and tasuki all the way baby!! whoohoo!! XD

pst inuyasha is so adorable!! also i'm with you with haku why didn't they kissed at least once in the movie?!?! teehee

OMG Eiji Kikumaru is so awww!!! from prince of tennis!! so childlike so hot so acrobatic and sooo sooo waaiiii!!! *drools at the thought* >^.^<
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I knew you were into mental cases...I knew it...
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Yeeeah take Aya and Ken XD That leaves more Yohji-luvvin for me!




S-s-scary fangirls... x_x;;;


Quote from: "taiki"Easy.  Relena Peacecraft.

Now that's an interesting taste in women you have there.  Most people I know hate her guts.



Tsubasa: I'm kidding.  :)  Although, in reality, she isn't that bad.  She's kind of cute, and she's rather intelligent.  But she can't realize that she's keeping heero from his one true love!  Doctor J!  Although if I wanted to date any anime character I'd probably try to date that hot Yellow Dancer chick from Mosepeda.


how are we fan girls scary?!?! >O_o< *glomps Kaura* oh you know you wish these fangirls would go krazy over you  :wink:
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ChibiSerenaChan: Sometimes fangirls just go a BIIIT over the top.  And that's a major understatement.  from notoriously bad yaoi fics to sometimes obnoxious behaviour.  Not that all fangirls are like this, but there are that give fangirls bad names.  

personally, I don't care.  most fangirls are passionate.  Which is something I find lacking with alot of nonfangirls.