If you could date any anime character...

Started by kscuotakus, March 25, 2003, 12:39:39 AM

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Faye Valentine


OK Sasori no more off-topic for us, k? ^.^;



hot anime guys oh baby...


i love anime!

thast me

*stuffs food in mouth*


Top candidate: Nakoruru.  Directly following would be Narusegawa Naru, Ri Kohran, and HMX-12 Multi.

Quote from: "kscuotakus"now would you guys seriously choose naru narusegawa? think about it... yeah, she's smart, ambitious, and caring, but she'll kick your @$$!, straight up. sure, if your the bdsm type otaku, but if you even talk to a girl, naru will come out of nowhere and make you a star in the sky. that, and she's too slow in persuing a relationship. you'll have to court her for years until she realizes you like her.

I find it strange how violent most people make Naru out to be.  From what I observed, she only gets violent when Keitaro gives her an occasion to be.  Considering how Keitaro has horrendous luck, that happened quite often, but for any average guy, it really shouldn't be much of a problem at all.  Besides, a girl like that would definately add some spice to my life.  I, for one, would welcome it.



i must ... choose...

Shiori(Kanon)...Mai(Kanon)...Rakka(Haibane Renmei)...lain(lain)... Mayuko(NieA_7)...Yomiko(R.O.D.)...Sakaki san(Azumanga)...Piyoko(DiGiCharat)...



driving me nuts....(lol

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Mai, it'a all about Mai from Kanon...well, for me anyways...just dunno what it is about me and girls w/swords...probably the fencer in me....
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for you kids that would want a little spice in your life, here are some anime hotties that i think would be nice to have a fling with, but not necessarily start a relationship:

faye valentine- c'mon, dude. this femme fetal would leave you for a bounty.

lynn minmay- anime's queen beeyatch. no diss to mari.

asuka langley- you know she'd give it up. she gots something to prove.

mutsumi (love hina)- ahh, this is too easy.

lum- for some electric boogaloo.

priss- date her first, then fight her later.


word to faye for posting not only her top guy prospects, but her top girl prospects as well. now i gots to step up my game and play matchmaker. here are my anime guy pics for all you ladies:

Kasuga Keiyosuke (Orange Road)- noble and sweet. so what if he liked two girls at the same time. he's the anime equivilent to kevin arnold.

Himura Kenshin- there's just too much goin' on for this cat. he protects the people he cares most for. nuff said.

Souichiro Arima- you know it was coming. a guy who hurts himself inside to have others not worry about him. only thing is that his emotions are scary.

Saotome Ranma- For those girls that want that sense of humor. Mild-mannered but fun to be around, and his girl 1/2 isn't overbearingly female, thank kami,

Spike (Cowboy Bebop)- might be a more of a guy's superhero than a girl's love interest. but remember, faye was up in his ship, and he didn't tap that, rather, he waited out for his all time love, julia.


Again Im torn between Kitsune and Ryoko ~_~

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Hmm, out of the 137 in my bishounen harem, I can only choose one? :? Then I gotta say Suzaku-seikun.  Why: 1)He's quiet but looks like a bad ass, 2)he's cute, 3)he has wings...I LOVE wings! XD 4)he's a god...and I don't care what anyone else says, if he's your boyfriend he'll grant more than three wishes 5)he's drop-dead gorgeous(aka drool-worthy) 6)I love his anti-gravity hair!  I'd love to run my fingers through it...*nosebleeds* 7)I've already pranced around saying he knocked me up, so why not date him? 8)BTW, did I mention he makes me melt? :mrgreen:
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I absolutely adore Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin. I was giggling insanely at the television after school while watching my Kenshin DVD, and heres what happened:

Me: *giggling like crazy and rolling on the floor*

Shannon (my moms friend): *comes in* Jessica, what are you doing?

Me: *is to giggly to answer, points to screen*

Shannon: Another one of your MAKE BELIEVE GUYS?

Me: *giggling* Sanosuke *giggles*

Shannon: Hes not real...

Me: *hugging the TV* Sano,Sano,Sano,Sano,Sano!!!!

Shannon: *rolls eyes and leaves*

:D Sano-kun *drools* :D
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For the temporary moment, Cyborg 002 Is who I like. Even with his pointy big nose. GO JET GO! *laughs and dances away*
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Kasumi from Hand Maid May ^.^

I've always wanted to date a flirty girl-next-door type of person.

[3 hours later] o.O what is the time limit between the posts??? sheesh [/3 hours later]
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thast me

*stuffs food in mouth*


Hmmmm...I would have to say...... Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing... *_* *Nod, nod.* You gotta' love the braid.. Men with long hair!! *Squeals.* And I like his dark hair and blue eyes. ^_~ Hehe, I also like the fact that he's so happy on the outside...but is a very deep person on the inside.. kind of reminds me of me in a way....  And his Gundam kicks total arse...! *Steals the DeathScythe and flies away with him, cackling!!* >_>!!
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Ken Hidaka from Weiss. HANDS DOWN! :mrgreen:

And also, Tsuzuki Asato!

OoO...made a silly fanfic about this....come crossover for Weiss Kreuz Gluhen and Yami no Matsuei. Oh well. I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



As far as dating an anime character, I'd say...no way!!

I'd date the voice actress...  :D or even the real Japanese idol girl who the character was based on...

As far as doodles are concerned, I'd be really disappointed about a little piece of acetate with paint and ink on it following me around..  

:?  :?  :?  :?  :(  :shock:  :shock:  :?:



Tsuzuki: IS MINE.(not really but its okay for me to think that)..he is so pretty, to bad he is gay, but i love him anyway!he is the perfect guy...*drools*

Taski:because he is so fun, i mean yes, he dose kinda rap miaka,but he was possesed so i will give him a break, pluse he is so funny and cute!

Konoe:she may be a slut but damn she is hot..^_^

Michiru:she is just so pretty and elegant.....u gotta love her!

Haruka:she is so tuff and pretty shes the coolest

(even though michiru$haruka look great together)

and im sure there are more but i cant think, i gots to go so yeah!

thast me

*stuffs food in mouth*


So many to pick! But top of my list would probably be Kyou-kun from Fruits Basket. He's hot, he's got the whole cat thing...yeah, he's a little ill tempered, but that makes him feisty. ^_^
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likes the fisty ones,

watch out for her...lol

dont worry, i like the fact that he is  illtempered thats what makes him cool!

dude if only anime men+weman were real, we need some more pretty people in our world....sigh.....

thast me

*stuffs food in mouth*


I love me the pretty & broody ones.  I'll give as much of the list as I remember:

Fushigi Yuugi:                                          









Samrai Troopers:                                    


Shiten-sama (Oh yeah!)                            










Shippo (Don't ask me why)

Weiss Kreuz:




Cowboy Bebop:



Escaflowne Movie:

Allen ( I love the blonde ones.)


Spirited Away:

Haku (Is that legal?)
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