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so i was thinking, people are always saying a bunch of stuff about the bands at fanime... bad and good things.... so i thought i would start a topic about who you want to see at fanime... and i am not talking world famous bands from Japan.. But maybe some good local bands?

I really want to see bands that tour the california scene alot. People that come to mind is Ramen and Rice, Akai Sky (saw them in Sac Anime, they were awesome), Random Ninjas, and Stephanie Yanez (since she performs with Random Ninjas as well).

No offense guys but don't you get tired of seeing the same old artists at ALL of the Anime conventions? I just saw Stephanie Yanez at Anime Vegas. She was cool but.... I've seen her at Ax too. Let's get some fresh blood in there! I'd like to see one or two bands from years past and some new bands as well. A good mix. Guitar Vader please!!!!!!

If ANY Eurobeat artist played at Fanime, I'd die a happy man.


--- Quote from: "Jrockfan" ---Guitar Vader please!!!!!!
--- End quote ---

Guitar Vader is alive and well, and Shozo Ujuan is recuperating steadily. They definitely plan on hitting the USA soon.


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