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Started by Faye Valentine, April 10, 2003, 11:02:31 AM

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Faye Valentine

OK my favorite topic!!! Who is your favorite Anime or Manga couple? Or who do you think should be a couple?? I must warn you, my list has quite a few "dream" couples (Guys that I think should be together but they're not). And yeah most of them are guys. *teehee* I can't help my Yaoi obsession!!

1) Tsuzuki and Hisoka-- My favorite couple ever!! I love them soo much!! Waaaaaaaay too cute to be straight. XD *huggles*

2) Utena and Touga-- I know he can be a dick sometimes, but you have to admit they are so cute together. ^.^

3) Utena and Anthy-- Gotta love the dancing scene in the rose garden! (Toki Ni Ai Wa- Masami Okui--the greatest Utena song ever!)

4) Nuriko and Tasuki-- Yes, I think they should be together. ^.^; too bad they both end up liking Miaka. Why her, I've always wondered? She's so annoying, all she ever says is "Tamahome!" and she can't defend herself!! Someone's always doing it for her!! Gwash!

5) Miaka and Tamahome-- (lol) Yeah I know I was just putting her down, but they go together.

6) Haruka and Michiru-- Sooooo pretty!! I love them both so much.

7) Kakkyou and Fuma-- Yes, I think they should be together. Another couple of guys that are too pretty to be straight. XD

8) Tetsuya and Yui-- Oiy!! Probably the cutest guy/girl couple on my list. I love Tetsuya. he's soooo cool!

9) Tatara and Suzuno-- I know they were only together for like 5 minutes, but still the whole being together after they're dead thing is cute.

10) Fuma and Kamui-- People get mad at me for "pairing" these two. I think they're cute together.

Well that's all for now, but I'm bound to add more later. *teehee*


well, here are my cutest couples in anime/manga.Video Games

Ranma and Akane

Utena and Anthy

Locke and Celes

Terra and Edgar

Rinoa and Squall

Cloud and Tifa

Garnet and Zidane

Yuna and Tidus

Takumi and Mogi

Keiichi and Belldandy

Miaka and Hotohori(He got the shaft :D )

Ai Amano and Yota Moteuchi

Yurika and Akito
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rinoa and squall all the way.

tidus and yuna

cloud and tifa


naru and keitaro (i no its wierd...but they are just so...fiesty/romantic/cute)


I'm a sap.





InuYasha/Kagome + Miroku/Sango



Me/Spazmegami (hee hee ^_^)


^^; All the couples I like only exist in my head!


I swear this depends on my mood.
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I dunno.  It's kinda hard to pick my favorites.  Especially since I'm blanking out on names...

Chiaki and Jeanne (Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne)

Noel as a girl and Sasa (Mint na Bokura)

Setsuna and Sara(angel sanctuary)

Kagome and Inu-Yasha

Spike and Electra XD
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I guess these are my fave couples.

And yes, it does contain a few bl pairings. ^^; *isn't a total bl fan, however* Anyway, the list isn't in any particular order.

01. Miaka & Tamahome (FY) - Well... Tamahome is my favorite anime character... He and Miaka belong together. They're so cute. X3

02. Sora x Sunao (Sukisho!) - You guys prolly don't know them, but they're from Sukisho!. *points to avatar* Sora and Sunao are sooooo cute together! I love it when Sunao says, "Baka Hashiba!!" (Hashiba being Sora's last name. ^^) Mmm...

03. Shinichirou x Sora (Sukisho!) - They're just cute. ^^; Cute how Sora calls Shinichirou "Nii chan" too.

04. Yoru x Sora (Sukisho!) - Oh come on... Sora and his other personality? Too cool. ^^ I love Yoru's eyes... They're different colors! X3

05. Yoru x Ran (Sukisho!) - I like Sora and Sunao... So how about their other personalities? =3 Ran's cute how he only likes Yoru and hates Sora. And Yoru's just cool.

06. Eiri x Shuuichi (Gravitation) - It's just cute. ^^

Okay... I need some straight people in here. ^^;

07. Hayate & Himeno (Pretear) - Cute. X3 And Hayate's pretty cute himself.

08. Kamui & Kotori (X) - I don't know why I like this... but I like the main guys to be with the main girls, usually. Kamui wouldn't be too bad with Kotori.

09. Tooya & Aya (AnC) - Hehe, more main guys with main girls. ^^

10. Tsuzuki x Hisoka (YnM) - Hisoka gets no lovin' in the series. =\

11. Sakuya & Aine (Kaikan Phrase) - I prefer the anime ver. But either way, they're cute together. ^^ Sakuya totally changed after meeting Aine. I need to get the new vol that was released recently... Must find out what happens! >_<

And I have to go eat dinner now. x_x
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Sakura and Tomoyo

Both are unearthly cute, so together they make the cutest couple.  Of course, I'm a big Sakura and Syaoran fan, but I also feel so sorry for poor Tomoyo.  She has such devotion to her Sakura-chan, it's a shame nothing ever happens.



kyosuke, madoka, and hikaru (where are the 3somes in this poll?)

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kcsu, i think the topic for this thread is couples.  And I don't think couples involve more than 2 people.
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I voted for Guy/Guy because they're always so very much more interesting.

More interesting than most Guy/Girl anyways.  Those usually stretch for 26 episodes waiting for the Guy to -almost just about to- kiss the Girl.

Or Brother/Sister, which has a much higher amusing twitch factor inherited.
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O_o I've been told to post just anywhere by Faye so, since this was the first thread I came to from point A, I figure it was a good of place to start as any.

Hrm, Well, being as I am a mad yaoi fangirl (I can't help it! I tend to have a great dislike for the majority of female leads in anime. *has an intense dislike for mary sues* Of course, this also applies to BL pairings as well. Actually, BL mary sues are more annoying then females, which is why I don't read Higuri Yuu) But, there's still more BL then any other. *shrugs* what can I say? Everyone has preferances right?

Tsuzuki/Hisoka (YnM). I hate Tsuzuki-ukes... it squicks me so bad. Not even funny. Besides, no matter how you look at it, Tsuzuki/Hisoka IS the canon couple

Teruzuma/Wakaba (YnM) Poor Teruzuma, stupid parasytic shikigami.

Tohda/Suzaku (YnM) Don't ask about this pairing. A friend of mine mentioned it once, They wouldn't be cute, so much as entertaining. Definitely entertaining.

Tezuka/Fuji (Prince of Tennis) Really... anyone and Fuji... Fuji is just too pretty...and evil for his own good. But Only Tezuka with Fuji. I go psycho/rabid fangirl if it's anyone else

Ryoma/Sakuno (PoT) *hides because she's gonna get stoned by all PoT fangirls* Ah! But, I can't help it! She's less annoying then Tomoko-chan... *shutter, growl*

Kamui/Kotori (X) They're sweet... Though Kotori could be annoying at times...most of the time...all of the time, she still made a good couple with Kamui. She made him care....

Fuuma/Kakyou (X) Like Faye said, too beautiful.

Jubei/Kazuki (Get Backers) Watch episodes 18 and 19 of the anime, and you will agree too (I WANT KAZUKI'S HIPS! *__* Not fair)

Kiba/Cheza (Wolf's Rain) I like Cheza. Sure, she's NO WHERE near as cool as Dr. Degre, but... she still rocks

Tsume/Toboe (Wolf's Rain) It's the relationship I hate, but Toboe is too cute of a mary sue for me NOT to love him. Plus, he's supposed to be a baby-type character anyways ^_^

Aoki/Karen (X) Too bad he's married...

Adrian/Lawerance (Boy's Next Door) So short, so sad, so beautiful... *sigh*

Sohma/Kendappa-oh (RG Veda) I seem to have a thing for tragic couples...

Garnet/Zidane (FFIX) ....the only FF main couple I have ever liked...ever. Though I did KIND of like Yuna and Tidus, but not enough to put them down.

the list really does keep going. But, I think these are my favorites. I know I'm forgetting a few and leaving lot's out because that would take up way too much time and space and I have to get ready to go...

I can't believe you went as far as to say that...

I'm envious...and slightly angry *twitch twitch*

Faye Valentine

yay!!  Syuusuke you posted!! *clap clap* lol LOVE your siggy!!!

SENTIMENTAL!!! Let's all run off towards the setting sun!!

LOL anyway I have a new couple--

ME and Tsuzuki!!! It's the only way to be!!

...ok ok I know it will never happen but no hurt in dreaming, right? lol ^.^