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I was talking with Jyun (my brother) about this idea where there can be like a thread here about buying and selling stuff from each other, like a huge classified/wanted/selling ad for board members. We both thought its a good idea, so I'm starting it now! (May become a sticky if popular)

-List things willing to sell (a.k.a. "get rid of")
-List things wanted that other people may have (most likely in used condition)
-Name your price, negotiate, etc...
-Reply by PMs
-Work out the transaction on own terms (like at a gathering or something)
-When transaction finished, edit your post
-No bootlegs, like any other dealers room

(updated 2/5/08)
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl (<-who doesn't want it?)

-Nothing at this time

Don't know if this idea is going to work, but it worth a shot, right?
EDIT: LOL, thread not as popular as I thought it would be after 2 years.


Ironically I probably wont "sell" anything...

but I guess anything and EVERYTHING in my "store" is available for 'extended borrowing'

basic rule for me is...

please dont break it or take it away from me permanently

common courtesy and normal stuff like that.

come by and visit the Jerry Con "store" any time.


Games, Friends & Fanime oh my! :D


So is anyone still interested in this? I have loads of anime items I want to sell.

I have been clearing out a lot of my anime goods. reason for doing so is the fact that  I am moving next month, that and I need to earn some extra $$ for Fanime. So I have listed a slew of items on a lj group. If you have an LJ account and the time to, then please check and see all that I have up for sale. Thanks for your time.[/sub]]
- artbooks, dvds, manga, and more


I just updated my sale post agin. Take a gander if you have time ^_^


I have one thing to sell:
-A Newtype USA issue, Dec 2004, Vol 3 Number 12
Price: $5 as low as I go (I paid $13 for it, XD)

I want one thing:
-Strider 2 game for Playstation, USA version, both discs please
Offer: However much the seller wants, I guess

That is all.
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Lol I have tons of manga i plan to sell at fanime... I think it's at least 500 or more o.O I should count them. If i manage to I'll make a listing though some were sitting in storage for a while and got..well.. a bit damaged :( but i still have a lot.

a little art by me ^-^


Quote from: Otakuya on September 16, 2006, 10:15:49 PM
(updated 2/5/08)
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl (<-who doesn't want it?)

Just go to Fry's - they've got plenty in stock.
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I am actually going to have a garage sale (well if you live in Sacramento) this Saturday, but this is the stuff I am selling among other things that is at least mailable.

I have several anime dvds that I am not longer interested in. These dvds are English Dub/Japanese with English subtitles. They are not bootlegs, they are licensed for North America. DVDs are from good to excellent quality. Here are the titles, thank you!:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya vol 1 $12 Bandai Ent
Shingu vol 1 $10 TRSI
Xenosaga vol 1 $12 ADV Films
Tokyo Majin vol 1 $12 ADV Films
Neon Genesis Evangelion Revival vol 1 $10 ADV Films

Toshiba SD-3990 DVD Player $30 - plays divx/avi files off cd-r/dvd-r

Video Games:
PSP - Monster Hunter Freedom $12
Xbox - Soul Calibur 2 $10
Xbox - Ninja Gaiden $10
DS - Resident Evil DS $12

Lonely Planet Japanese phrasebook $5
Basic Functional Japanese (Learning Japanese workbook/guide) $15
- great for learning Japanese, I think SCC use this book for their JP class.

How to create Virtual Beauties - Digial Manga Characters $15
- good guide on how to draw anime/manga style with Photoshop/Painter/3D software

Claymore vol 1 $4
Read or Die vol 1 $4
LoveCom vol 1 $4

Nana vol 15 $4
Nana vol 16 $4
buy both for $6

Payment: Cash or Paypal (Verified)
PM me or shoot me a email -> dani at djldc dot com
Serious buyers please, if you are not sure please move on. Thank you!


I might need to sell two Marriott gift cards that I received by mistake because I can't use them. Long story, and I'll get back here when I have a solid plan.
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Yay, Haruko.



2 wakazashi shinai, tournament kendo grade
1 wakazashi shinai suburito, for wakazashi suburi (strength conditioning)

practice weapons, ps2 games, cowboy beebop or champloo or desert punk or shigurui dvds, martial arts stuff
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NOTE: I don't know if selling giftcards is legal. Please let me know if it isn't.

What: Two Marriott giftcards
How much: Each one costs $100 (For each card, I cannot accept any offer lower than $100)
Why is Barnes selling them?: Because of a mistake, and the fact that I'm staying at the Hilton this year.
Why won't Barnes just save the giftcards for another time?: Good point, but personal reasons
Does Barnes have to sell both?: No. Selling only one may work out just fine for me.
Payment type?: Cash, or personal check.
How can one reach Barnes for this offer?: Send me a private message and it can worked out from there
How do I know Barnes can be trusted?: I'm not lying, the cards are legit, and I'm only hoping that someone will be nice enough to help me out. XD
Also a Proud Fanime Con Attendee since 1998!
Yay, Haruko.