Desktop Screenshots Thread (Beta version)

Started by -zoxan-, October 09, 2006, 11:25:14 PM

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hahaha Mizuki, what OS do you run? I was trying to figure that one out.


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So I have 268 Wallpapers and adding more frequently... Using Windows 7 and I have my wallpaper to change every 5 min, but here's a glance! I like my taskbar on the right side because it takes up less pixels since it's not taking the whole bottom up. Weird? Maybe. :P Looks awesome on my 17" 1920x1200 laptop screen. :D And if anyone has any tips where to get some high resolution anime wallpapers that are just awesome, lemme know, thanks! :D

EDIT: Now I have 535 and counting rapidly! Using an awesome site called it directly pulls pics from 4chan so you don't have to dive in there to get them! I really appreciate the SFW, Sketchy and NSFW tabs so I just select only SFW and cruise away without having to worry about bad content. It also has search by color, tags, aspect ratio, and specific resolutions. :)

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So I've had my iMac for a year, i decided it was time for a new desktop: