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Author Topic: Fanime Dance stuff.  (Read 56383 times)

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Re: Fanime Dance stuff.
« Reply #280 on: May 26, 2010, 12:03:07 AM »

2 ROOMS....

Main Dance Room 8 to 4 - Mostly Electronica
2nd Room is in the Hilton (next to the bar :P) Mostly Mainstream - geared more towards the 18+ crowd.

I'll be the one playing classic vocal/epic trance in the opening set on sat in the main room :)

c yall there


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Re: Fanime Dance stuff.
« Reply #281 on: May 28, 2010, 02:34:07 AM »

Alrite, i have a few things on my mind here about the dances that go on at night. Why is it always raving? >_>. where are all the other genres? i'm sure quite a few of you have some, that you would like to hear other then trance/techno. Secondly, omg, this is an open dance for everyone. what are you trying to teach kids? guys taking off their shirt, and all of you are freaking/raving. i saw A LOT of kids in there. Feel free to accept or object.

-MC Hammer

Because Raving, trance/Techno music is AWSOME!!!
I can't dance to slow, boring music, and Hip-Hop
music I can't understand.=w=But if you really hate
Trance/techno music, I suggest you go to a regular
sienor dance or something.
Cause at Fanime, the
Dance is all about the Trance! Haha that rymed.Xp
And I think guys taking off their shirts are hot!! I mean
come on, seriously, if this is an issue with kids, then
there should be a pollicy saying kids 14+ up should be
allowed since that is a regular teen age. Well thats all
I wanted to say about this, end of disscussion. Everyone
have fun at Fanime this weekend! <3

P.S. TRANCE ROCKS MY SOCKS!!! If you hate it,
then screw you and your hip-hop taste of music.LOL

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Re: Fanime Dance stuff.
« Reply #282 on: July 03, 2010, 07:52:30 AM »

I'm looking into DJ'ing for one of the dance halls, as I spin dance, asian pop, and mashups. I'm in the process of creating a demo cd to whomever is in charge of DJ management at fanime.

Is there a specific kind of of electro/house/trance that is lacking, or a specific kind of subgenre that I will need to focus on to fit in? What do you guys think?
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