YouTube deleted nearly 30,000 files...complaints frm Japan

Started by lyricaldanichan, October 20, 2006, 12:07:29 PM

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Well, that was long overdue. They missed a bunch, though. It'll always be a tough fight to take down every illegal video that goes up, unless YouTube changes their policy on uploading videos to do a copyright check first.


In a way I'm kind of glad they started doing that.

I have never uploaded copyrighted stuff, only homemade stuff from my digi cam but no one wants to watch that =/ And all my friends upload copyrighted stuff and get better ratings which of course would be obvious for them to get compared to me.

Although I will miss the free anime fansub viewings if they do get rid of everything copyrighted.


I had a bunch of things from japan on Youtube that I didn't even know was copyrighted, so they banned me after this.

They could have just let me know instead, I would have taken them down myself. :(

xxxplizit (pogi1kenobi)

Figures.  I knew they were gonna do something like that.

Question: Didn't Google buy Youtube? :?:
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Quote from: "xxxplizit (pogi1kenobi)"Question: Didn't Google buy Youtube? :?:

yup. its in the article


I wish it didn't happen. I can't watch anymore Bleach =(

I watched upto 77 episodes lolz.

Someone buy me a PuchiPuchi Prease~


^How about Adult Swim? (Bleach is on)
As for the news, I kinda knew it would happen someday. Oh well.
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Yay, Haruko.





...all the Ranma episodes... gone...

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did they even get rid of those Hard Gay clips?

oh noes! say say say say say
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