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Miss Goku:
I had some questions on the Masquerade and I didnt know where to go to ask so I came here. I hope that okay. I was in the masquweade last year but last year I didn't have to sign my group up or anything but this year I do. First off I need to know if anyone can tell me when we should start sighning up on line? Where do I turn in the stuff to sign up? How long can the act be? I think thoughs are all teh questions I have at the moment. I need to know all this because my group wants to get started on our skit and stuff. Thanks for you time ^_^.

I can answer a little bit for you.

Sign-ups won't be available for awhile probably. When they are up online look at the cosplay section of the messageboard, normally there is a post stating you can sign up now, and it should also appear on the website when the sign-ups become available. This past year was great because you could sign-up online, and you don't have to turn anything in, just fill out the form and submit it!

Time limit is 3 minutes maximum. Just keep your eye out on the cosplay section of the message board, and the main site, for anyone mentioning the masquerade.

if you have more Q's or anything angeljibrille is the person you want to talk to for anything on the masquerade.

GL and hope to see ya in the masquerade next year ^_^!


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