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Sorry if this has already been asked -_-'

A large group of my friends and I plan on renting a few rooms for fanime this year. The problem is we are all 17, so we're still minors. And from what we understand you must br 18 to rent a room.

I was wondering if there was a way for us to still get a room or two, without our parents or a nonminor staying with us.Any help would be great.

I beleve that a parent or someone else would have to rent the room, and check you guys in, since you have to be 18 and with a CC ( I think) But i dont think a parential figure has to be present throughout the duration, just don't be loud and all that jazz

From what I understand, the person over 18 just has to be present at Check in and Check out. If you were all like, 15 or something it might be a little more troublesome, but as long as the adult is there to check you guys in and then check out the day you leave I don't think supervision is required in between.

Again, I wouldn't know for sure.

I can't speak for the Marriott- but for the Hilton, yes, you need an adult to check you in, but you don't need one to check you out.  The Hilton has one of those auto-checkout systems if you use a credit card where all you have to do is leave, you don't have to inform them or anything, so no checkout adult is required either.

At the Sainte Claire I just had to show ID when checking in, not out, so just have an adult with you then.


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