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Author Topic: "intial group of ten" problem, I regbefore OCT 31  (Read 1502 times)

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"intial group of ten" problem, I regbefore OCT 31
« on: December 16, 2006, 08:43:43 PM »

I have registered a group of 8 people intending to add new members later inorder to qualify for ten BEFORE OCT 31 was over, then today I wanted to add the remaining members and it said that I could'nt qualify EVEN IF I DID SO!

These conditions were not stated when I registered for my group, and then it changed after I registered, I know there are very understanding staff people at Fanime, please help!

Please this is sort of urgent, as I have 7 very pissed off people jabbing me in the back right now!

I understand that someone else also has a similar problem like this is was fixed and it was taken care of...

I've been meaning to say something about this sooner, but I had to give myself a little bit of time to approach the situation reasonably and objectively. I have always been very happy with the Fanime registration process and staff. I know that you guys work very hard and have to deal with a lot, and I know that there is only so much you can do within certain guidelines... However, I would like to say that I am rather miffed by the following that was recently added to the Registration info page:

Note: Group rewards are still to be determined. Only groups that initially register with 10 or more will receive these rewards.

And this, which has been added to the account sign-up page:


Your group does not qualify for group perks. (Adding more members will NOT qualify your group.)

These conditions were not listed on the first post of the Group Registration sticky, which was updated on October 24th, and still isn't ( After having read that post, I registered my group on October 31 prior to revisiting the forum boards. Since I didn't have the information for all our studio members at the time, I only registered six people during that session. Because it had the option to add new members later on (and registration had not been updated to include any of the information quoted above), I thought I could add the other members later on by the deadline. Well, after registering I browsed the forums and saw the following post:

MPLe wrote:
AHHH! Ok, some more corrections.

- Registration accounts can have as many people as possible, but only members in a group account with ten or more members will receive the group bonus.
- Group registration will definately be open this week. If you would like, email me (milton at fanime . com) with the subject "Fanime Group Notification" without the quotes (emails without that exact subject might not be added to the mailing list and as such, won't get the emails) and I'll email you when it goes up. Going against what I said earlier, there will be no extention for the discount. Originally, group registration was scheduled to open next month, but I've been able to work out something and allow a week at the old rate. So please don't kill me angry-mob style at the convention.

I got really upset since our group, which does have more than ten people, missed out on the group bonus because of a technicality. The part that bothers me is that none of the requirements for group perks were listed on the registration page itself, so I don't understand how we can be retroactively held accountable for some corrections you made after the fact. We purchased registration under certain terms, but now we have to deal with terms that weren't listed at the time that we were charged.

I would feel a lot better if you could please explain to us why the initial-group-of-ten stipulation is necessary in the first place. Is there a logistical reason that we can't add on people later?

Additionally, I'd like to know if there's anything that can be done to fix this situation on either party's side. I understand that there are no refunds, but would it be possible for me to start a new account and re-register everyone (at the current price, of course) along with the rest of our members and have you credit the existing payment to those accounts instead? You guys have always been really helpful in the past, so I hope that some sort of arrangement can be reached.

I've posted this to the boards because I wasn't sure whether you would see my post or my e-mail first. I've also sent CC of this e-mail to Tony since he would know when he updated the website to include the group rewards requirements.

please email or PM me soon!!!
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