Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Tournamet @ Fanime 2007

Started by lying is an art form, December 27, 2006, 01:36:29 AM

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man you guys are pro... barely got mine yesterday :P i'm horrible i'll see what i can do to level them up before the con....


Got about 19 hours in so far, my highest level pokemon is about level 35, most are only about 30. I don't think most (if any) of these Pokémon are going to be in my competitive team, though. We shall see. Right now I'm just rushing through the gym badges and whatnot trying to find my way to a place I can powerlevel - then I'll go back, get all the crap that I missed, and train a real team.


Email me at maidcafe@fanime.com if you want to be a maid! Sign ups close in March! Hurry!


if anyone wants to exchange Fc's mines 5455-5870-3324


I'm up for it : ) Also up for Tourney brackets like those found in Pokemon Stadium  :o
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ok I know someone told me this before but I cant remember, where do I go to get my own FC?

also what are some of the nick names you've given ure pokemon?

Luxray - Lux
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lying is an art form

Pearl, been power leveling and rushing through the entire game. I'll settle down and like actually EV train and whatever after I beat E4
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your friend code's in palpad (in your key items)


I'm pondering the idea of the entire gathering going spelunking in the cave to meet 32 people for something... anyone catch the drift? :]
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Thats a good idea.*Grabs helmet* To the underground!


Quote from: "Ska_Kitti"I'm pondering the idea of the entire gathering going spelunking in the cave to meet 32 people for something... anyone catch the drift? :]

oh hellz yeah i'm down there lol...

i'm gonna try to wander around the con with Link Searcher always on lol...


So how is everyones training going? As of right now, Im probably going to be in the tourny with the high 50's Low 60's by con time. yea im not much of a power lvler but it'll do for now.


Training's tough...I heart the E4 for Power Leveling, though...My guys are holding around level 55 average.

I'm all for the spelunking for 32 ppl, as I REALLY want that stupid Spiritomb...
Need to get ready for this though, go my red Gyarados, go!
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My team was in shambles recently, but I'm getting closer to having the real deal for con time.


I just hope someone doesn't try to cheat when you all play. I've seen Pokemon online with all max stats and only lv 3. Nintendo supposedly has a filter to prevent this, but this person obviously got around it.

And you should be able to tell if someone's cheat (max stats, etc.), but there are ways that you can cheat without it being obvious. :(
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Capture the flag? I heard about that. how does that game work in the games?
currently my team is only lvl 25-30ish, hopefully ill become stronger before the con
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A Pokemon tournament?  Awesome, I'm there.  My friends and I have been playing competitively for years now.  You know you'll see me there.


Uh, you guys know if you play online you can set your levels to 50 or 100, which means everyone can battle with everyone.
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