Ok, so who's going to Fanime this year? 2007

Started by Barnes, February 07, 2007, 03:05:00 PM

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Are you going to FanimeCon 2007?

Pretty much YES!
76 (89.4%)
Not 100% sure yet
9 (10.6%)
Not looking too good for me
0 (0%)
Unfortunately, no. Not this year.
0 (0%)

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I'm repeating the same thread I made from the back up forums.

But I'm close to 100% positive that I'm going this year.
I'm Pre-registered, and my Hotel room has been reserved. I just need to figure out a roomate deal.

I think that should do it for now.
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Yay, Haruko.


I've been pre-regged, but I haven't gotten solid permission to go, yet. X:

In before massugu GO!
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I went the year before and couldn't make it last year so this year is that 100% yes... I think? I'll be there with a 99.99% yes.


I'm 100% going!  Ive been anxiously awaiting Fanime 2007 ever since i went to 2006 which was my first time going!!


I'm definitely going! This will be my 7th time  :shock:


I will be going too.

I"m going to be counting how many Haruhi cosplayers there will be.

Something tells me that there's going to be exponentially more

1) Bleach
2) Death Note
3) Haruhi

Cosplayers this year. So I'm going to confirm my suspicions.
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Haha, today I was going around thinking about a Yuki Nagato cosplay.
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This sig isnt true anymore...I have to wait for a bit...


Yuki loves you back because you're on the internet.  Yuki loves the internet.  XD

Yayy, I supposedly pre-regged with Kazuko, but some of her hooker friends slacked on paying and I'm completely convinced they should make the difference for their laziness.
<3 Miss Coquine <3
We slip and slide as we fall in love and I just can't seem to get enough.


I'll be there.

Oooh, Minagi, you cosplaying Yuki now? sweet. The haruhism wil definately invade the con this year. lol
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Hell ys I'm showing up for this years fanime.
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Pre-regged, hotel ready, just waiting for May!  (Argh, so far away...) This'll be my sixth visit to Fanime.


This will be my 3rd year. I can't wait!  :) Got everything set except for plane tickets.


I will be there, that's pretty much a given since I'll be staffing.  

The only thing left to decide now is what costume to make.  8)


Seeing as how I've already bought a plane ticket all the way from eastern Canada and made my hotel booking, it'd be pretty silly for me not to go by now...


Wow, i did not relize that there are people comeing to Fanime from so far away.

Yukari Kaiba

i am for sure going this year ^^ i pre-reged back in october and reserved my hotel room as soon as they came out. all thats left for me to do is work on my cosplays :D
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Sunara Ishi

Lol. How could I not go? XP
I've been putting off pre-reg far too long but I defintely will.
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