Hello!Project cosplay 2007

Started by ohayo_sunshine, February 07, 2007, 05:06:26 PM

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Is anyone going to cosplay as any member of Hello!Project (ex: Berryz Koubou, Morning Musume, etc...)?
I really want to do one and maybe get a group going. Sorry to sound like a charity case but unfortunately, I don't have any friends or anybody to cosplay with... I know that there is USA Musume, who i think are freakin' awesome, but aside from that, I just want to get a group...
Any takers?
I was planning on doing Berryz Koubou's costume for Munawasagi Scarlet or morning musume's Ambitious, hell even maybe their new song Egao YES Nude.
If i got other people, i can teach the dance as well.
For my "resume" of dancing, you can check out youtube and look for me as majikuruMaChan.


I hope there are people out there willing to join/help/etc.



I'm playing with the idea of doing a Maki costume for Fanime, but I may wait til AX. I did Gomattou Maki back at AX '05 with a group, and this year my friends and I are doing Biyuuden/v-u-den at this year's AX. :D
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i feel bad because the only cons that i can go to are ones that are max 1 hour drive away from san jose...


I had a few Hello!Project costumes, I did Mari's Mini Moni outfit, Miki Fujimoto's Boogie Woogie Train outfit and THAT dress Kei wore in her graduation, but sadly I have sold them off. I assumed H!P was dead. But I like your youtube video's and I hope to see you at fanime doing something Berryz Kobou, they are easily my favorite H!P group, besides Melon Kinebi.


thank you so much!
are you going to do any H!P stuff?
i look forward to seeing you at fanime:)