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Started by AAstaff, March 01, 2007, 08:39:27 AM

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We're just about there!!

Just a reminder that check in for AC is from 10 to noon on each day.  You don't have to check in each day, but you do have to check in initially.  If you do not check in before noon your table may be used for that day, but if you have checked in your table will be reserved for the remainder of the convention.

Hope to see you there!

Thank you for all your patience in this transition time.  We are going through some changes in the Artist Colony, and appreciate your patience in this.

Please, if you have not done so already, get the contract and payment sent in to the FanimeCon address postmarked on or before Thursday 5/17/07.  Please note that if you do not send in your payment and contract there will be a $5 registration fee if you do not send in your payment. If you can send a copy of your seller's permit that would be much appreciated as well.  

Please make Checks or Money orders out to: Anime Resource Group
FanimeCon 2007
798 Auzerais Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126

If you have already sent your contract and payment in then you are all set! You can submit a copy of your seller's permit the day of the convention.


Checkin will be open until noon Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Everyone must check in and receive a packet to get a table.  You will only need to check in once and your table will be reserved for the remainder of the convention.  If you do not check in before noon your table will become available for that day to another person.  Don't worry, if you do not check in on Friday, you will still be able to check in on Saturday and Sunday for your table.

We apologize that some of the email addresses we have received have been incorrect, if you have not received an email notification today 5/15/07 please make sure that you send your correct email address to:

[email protected]


Currently the artist tables are full.  We may have a daily rate for tables that are available during the convention.  If you not received a confirmation email you won't be gauranteed a table.  We will however put you onto a waiting list for tables that become available at the convention.
If you are planning on selling at FanimeCon you will need to have a sellers permit available through the State Board of Equalization (see below).

Where is the Artist Colony?

The Exhibit Hall will have set hours of operation.  The tentative hours of operation will be 10 to 7, but are subject to change.  As we get closer to the convention we will set a more rigid timeframe.
Due to circumstances last year, we suggest that you remove anything of value from the Artist Colony.  We are not liable for stolen or damaged merchandise.

How much is it this year?

This year the fee for the Colony will be $10 per table before the con, and $20 per table at the door.  Powered tables will not be available to you.  If you need power for any reason please contact Artist Colony staff to see if something can be done.

What do I need to participate in the Artist Colony?

To have a table at the Artist Colony you must have:

A full convention pass ( )
A completed contract*
A valid sales permit** (
Fee for Artist Colony table

* The Artist Colony contract must be signed and mailed in with your payment.
** You must be over the age of 18 to apply for a sales permit, or you must be at least 15 to be an employee of the permit holder.

Please mail a photocopy of the above information to the address below before April 30th.

Please make Checks or Money orders out to: Anime Resource Group
FanimeCon 2007
798 Auzerais Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126

Artist Colony Rules (in addition to the contract rules)

If you are in violation of any of the rules below, FanimeCon reserves the right to revoke your Artist Colony table privileges and convention pass without a refund.

Note: Rules are subject to change, well will hopefully have a full list of rules the end of March

1.      Please stay only with your assigned seat for the convention.  If you require another table at the convention please see Artist Colony management.

2.      Verbal or material damage between artists will not be tolerated and could result in expulsion from the convention.

3.      Securing art to the convention table, walls, or chairs is prohibited.  If you wish to secure your art to your table, we suggest that you purchase a tablecloth.

4.      Your table number must be visible at all times.

5.      The convention is not liable for stolen or lost goods.  The doors will be locked and secured after hours, but this does not guarantee the security of your items.


...what is Artist Colony?

<3 Rock Howard XD


Quote from: "gubaba"...what is Artist Colony?

It's the artists Alley. Just with a different name.


Woo hoo! It liiiivvveeess!

*runs off to notify friends*
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i really want to get a table but i'm a bit confused in filling out the seller's permit form. also my permit type (regular or temporary?) and type of business (i just want to sell artwork and custom pinky st parts). i've done commission work throughout the year but not often. and when putting my address down do i put down where i currently live (san francisco) or my permanent address (san jose)? any help would be appreciated n_n;

Aya Brea

kupo... I already sent off for my sellers' permit, but now I wish I did it a month ago instead of yesterday XD  I should get it by April....

Question:  Will you e-mail us a copy of the contract as well?  Or am I just blanking out on the link?


Woohoo! It updated.

Hmm, okay, I'm gonna have to look into the sales permit. Was a permit always one of the criteria? I've never actually taken notice..

Other than that, yes, I too am wondering where exactly can we get the contract listed above.


Sorry for the lateness in the setup of this, there were some issues that needed to be worked out.

If you have any questions feel free to email us :)

You will only need a temporary permit for the days of the convention.
The preferred address is your permanent address.
The contracts will be emailed to you when you're signed up.  I am currently working to see if I can get a link put up for it. :)
A sales permit is requered for any kind of money transaction in the state of CA.

Hopefully this answered some of your questions :)


wahh wow.. i guess i better send in papers for the temporary sellers permit then.

i'm just a little confused about everything overall.. but i guess i'll manage what i can till i get confused

btw, staff badges count as full con badge right???? because i'll be on staff but will it be a problem if i'm not at the table sometimes?
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Is there a delay in getting return emails?  I sent mine yesterday and haven't heard back... will it be a few days?  That's what I hope and not that it's lost somewhere.  

Please don't let it be lost somewhere.
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So if I understand correctly, due to the laws about the seller's permit artists under the age of 15 may not participate, and artists between the ages of 15 and 17 must be employees of someone else?


i know i asked this before in a different thread but would i have to add my boyfriend even though he has nothing to sell? and where would i add him in the seller's permit form?


My apologies for the delay in emails.  I've been trying to sort through stuff as best as I can.  I will try and email something out this week.


uhh ignore this post? :D;;
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Aya Brea

Okay, I got the Temporary Seller's permit, but I have not gotten a response with the contract or the seating chart so I can't send out my check or a copy of the permit to secure my space...   The deadline to select a seating space is the 31st... is that already going around?


I can't answer many questions, but I'm also waiting on the seating chart n' I sent my email out about 2 hours after it was first announced on the forums.. or maybe it was 4?
They probably just have a ton of emails to actually sort through...

and sidecomment: Kabuki!! You'll be making Custom Pinky St. parts?! I'll definitely be stopping by your booth. XP
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I'll probably only be able to sell one set of custom made pinky st parts as i've only made one complete custom pinky.


I heard from the Board of Equalization yesterday afternoon and I should be receiving my seller's permit sometime this week.  But I still haven't heard from Fanime.  I've already begun to make things and I'm a little worried.

Edit: I received my seller's permit yesterday.
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since the PM responses are slow here were my last few questions.

who do i put down as organizer/promoter of event? just FanimeCon?
and what do i put down for the event/promotor's phone#?
what does "Admissions Charged" mean?

Aya Brea

Quote from: "Kabuki"since the PM responses are slow here were my last few questions.

who do i put down as organizer/promoter of event? just FanimeCon?
and what do i put down for the event/promotor's phone#?
what does "Admissions Charged" mean?

This is what I put down.  By no means can I say it's right.  All I can say is that they sent me that permit in 10 days with no problems.

I put down Fanime Con as the promoter of the event.
I left the phone number blank as I could not locate one.
I put down "Yes" for admissions charged since Fanime charges for admission into their event (and, consequently, into A.C.)

EDIT: Okay, I got the e-mail with the contract.  I see section 3.1 indicates no subletting is allowed.  If there will be different artists working at the same table, does every artist need to sign one?  If so, would you consider finalizing the order with a single contract and collecting the rest of the contracts once at the convention or we finalize the other people at our table?