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Some questions about Staffs. ^^ One more question, please!


Mm'kay, my interest has sparked once again, but this time, with more specific questions.

1. Staff get free tickets... but what happens if I already bought my ticket and got into staff? How would the process of me getting the reimbursement go?

2. So, if I only wanted to stay in a hotel for one night, but I was only allowed to room with my friend who isn't staffing? Would I still be able to get a discount?

Edit: Mm'kay, thanks, eri!

EDIT AGAIN: Augh, I've got another question, and this is a bit more... of importance, I suppose. See third post.

Email HR about this...

Augh, so this is the last question [I'm full of questions...].

Mm'kay, so for staff rooms, do I have to get a room and then get discounted then? Or does someone else who is the advisor/leader of the rooms get the room for us? [I wasn't paying attention at the last meeting].

I'm actually kinda worried because I want a room close to Fanime [Mariott or Hilton] but there are limited rooms, and a lot of them are taken, so... I'd like a quick response, please. :3

[If not, can someone briefly describe the process?]

Pimpstress Rei:
I'd e-mail your boss about that. By this point you should know who your immediate boss is and their e-mail address. If you don't, please PM me.


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