DOMOKUN DOMOKUN!!! - do you need DomoKun apparel to resell?

Started by DomoKun619, March 08, 2007, 03:05:02 PM

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Are you having a booth at this years Fanime? Then you need to sell our newly redesigned and licensed Domokun apparel!

Men's DomoKun standard fit T-shirts available from S-XXL
Women's DomoKun cap sleeve shirts available from S-XL
Unisex Hooded sweatshirts available from XS-XXL

For pictures, more information, and to purchase visit
We will need a copy of your business license or seller's permit. Minimum opening order must be over $200.00

All Licensed DomoKun apparel are printed and shipped from San Diego, CA

Thank you fellow otakus

Charlie Mirador
Wholesale Rep
AIM: PCRSales &
PH: 858-715-1134
FX: 858-715-1136

Ayanami Rei First Child

I'm not a seller, but I would LOVE to buy Domo-kun apparel or just Domo-kun stuff in general!! <3 <3



check out our retail site at LOTS OF DOMOKUN HERE,  :D  :D  :D

Ayanami Rei First Child

AWESOME! I'll have to spend money there once I get some that isn't going towards ToA or FanimeCon <3