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Concerning the Fanimapril Fools Day Date

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=This is taken from the father thread=

Sincere apologies from the author if I haven't updated as much as I would normally do.
Right now, I have a small clash of what date should this gathering be in order to accomadate the most amount of people and to probably suppor a few more birthdays in store for the rest of the month.

In other words

In consideration are two dates available.

April 1st
April 7th

I need immediate feedback to which date is much more "accomadative".


I'm good for any day but I voted for the 1st, but what ever is better for the group in whole is good for me.

if it's the first I can go, if it's the 7th I can't. So I may be slightly biased but what kind of an april fools gathering doesn't happen on april fools day?

1st for me

I'll be at Tales of Anime at that time plus I'll be spending the night at Ryu's house after a trip from sac-town. so 1st please =3

The 1st works for me.  The 7th does not.


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