May Movie Mania multi-gatherings?

Started by Jerry, April 09, 2007, 09:25:47 AM

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Which movie will you watch?

3 (11.5%)
28 weeks later!
0 (0%)
Shrek the third!
1 (3.8%)
It's all about the Pirate's Booty!
8 (30.8%)
All of them!
8 (30.8%)
You're crazy Jerry, get off the boards already...
1 (3.8%)
No movies for me... I'm broke.
1 (3.8%)
I'll wait til they're on DVD... while i hid under this rock.
4 (15.4%)

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I'm back!  (I bet no one noticed but anyway...)  :roll:

Being a random movie fan, and ZOMG  :shock:  MAY is definately gonna be an interesting month to say the least.

Basically this thread is an extention of whats already been discussed, but I'm hoping to generate more interest in other movies in the month of May as well.

I'm NOT the leading anything persay, mostly because I'm lazy but I figure if you decide to have your own mini-gathering of your own... to each is own. Post here or randomly contact each other by Pm or phone to get the low down on the detail as in most occasions things may change...

Anyway Movie May MADNESS!

May 4th - SPIDERMAN!!!!

So anyone gathering for midnight? who'se willing to singing the theme song?

May 11th - 28 Weeks later

Supposedly the sequel for 28 days later, so who's down for some action  with zombie like characters?

May 18th - Shrek the 3rd

Another huge box office favorite where fantasic tales... plus who could resist the cute face of Puss 'n boots?

heh. isnt he so cuddley?

and of course, probably will break ALL box office records for like EVERYTHING....
May 25th - Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End
Aka PotC: AWE as in Awe yah... or should it be Arrrr?!?... Pirates favorite letter is R!?!  :roll: okay enough of me being silly... but you get the idea...

So thats my May Movie Madness Rant...
have fun at the theatres... I know I will.  8)

heh. Discuss, plan, and gather... repeat.

good times ahead. Huz zah!  8)

Games, Friends & Fanime oh my! :D


I'm waiting on Spider Man 3 since I didn't like Spider Man 2; I really want to see Shrek and of course Pirates! 28 Weeks? Again depends on what people say. I did like the first one though.

Too bad I can't go to the Pirates Thursday midnight show  :cry:

It's better to get sleep before Fanime, though, since I won't be sleeping much the rest of the weekend!


Quote from: "phoenixphire24"It's better to get sleep before Fanime, though, since I won't be sleeping much the rest of the weekend!

I heard that, I'm taking 1/2 day off on Tuesday morning after Fanime just so that I can sleep in... or Sober up.  8)

But then again isnt sleep over rated?

Then again I was just recently at Tales of Anime... the tales indeed of:

Random secret rendezvous in the elevators... sorta like spin the bottle, cept with elevators and random floors... "going up... or down...? :roll: *cough cough*

I was up all Sat night/Sun morning for random misadventures on soft comfy couches... *grin* so comfy and soft ^_^

Yes Fanime will be fun. Movie theatres have love seats and Rocking chairs...

Depends on whats your pleasure. Good times ahead.

46 days and counting down...

W00t, fe4r the cut3 0nes and w4tch 0ut th3 be4r m0d.

Games, Friends & Fanime oh my! :D


i'm not too big of a movie buff. i watch a movie in the theatres like...once every 3 months, if at all


On yet another break....


YAY! its the massively magical movie month of may! damn, thats alot of m's...

i'm definitely gonna see all of those movies, except for shrek. im stayin away from shrek. i can only take so much of that frickin' ogre...
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The Third has a movie?

Oh, wait, that's Shrek.

epic progressive



I say go for broke so all of them, why not I got the time.


I'm going to most of those in theatres, probably midnight movies. if we have gatherings for them cool but I'm going either way. Except shrek, the second one was terrible, no way am I going to waste money to see the third in theaters.


See, I think I'm the only person in the entire world who is a total Shrek maniac.  I'm so at there.  Spiderman maybe?
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Pirates 3 and Shrek 3 are the only ones I care for.
I so wanna see an early show for Pirates. AR!
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Yay, Haruko.


I want to see SpiderMan 3, Shrek and the 28 Days Later sequel. I really need to rent the 1st one or borrow it from someone before seeing it though.
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I think I'd have to watch Shrek, Spiderman, and PotC... @.@ It's one of those movies where... well, I'd digress.

I mosdef don't want to watch them the first day they come out...
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So many third movies in there!

:< need to get paid more.


Haven't seen number two of either Shrek or Pirates, but I'm always up for Spider-Man. Even if the movie is blockbuster-meh I can always mentally fawn over Venom. <3
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I honestly admit I wait for the movies on DVD.  Yeah, I'm cheap <.<  I'm not even paying the price of matinee.  Is it now $7.50?


I'mma thinkin' Pirates. Given that it looks awesome, it's one of the few "teenage-girls-swooning-over-actor-X" series' I've bothered to like, and THEY didn't fail to pay Danny Elfman enough for the first two, making themselves the first fool to EVER stiff him-- oh. Sorry. I kind'a went off on Spiderman III there...
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Quote from: "Spiritsnare"The Third has a movie?

Oh, wait, that's Shrek.

Good one. XD
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If theres a gathering for Pirates then I'll go. Just let me know what you guys decide.
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My 10 friends and I are planning on seeing the 9:15 showing of Pirates at the Camera 12 theaters on Thursday evening.  We're getting at  Hope you can crowd out the theaters with us.