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Thinking of revamping the sorely-neglected "Anime Desktop Theme Tweaks" site, in part due to a final project, but mostly because it looks like cr*p. (: Anyway, I'm looking for anime layout sites and would appreciate suggestions, particularly for anime I've already put up pages for.

Here's some prototype eye-candy from my final project:


Cowboy Bebop:



BTW, Ton of anime layouts at this site:



aka. Washu! ^O^

Those are all really good, especially the Eva one.  They're all similar starting out wise to my web design project.  I couldn't figure out a single theme to stick to though, so I used javascript to make them rotate per refresh ^^;;

Hm... of that bunch, I suggest going with the Eva one.  I think that the Kiki and Bebop ones look a bit akward.  For the Kiki one, the image is a low-quality screenshot and it doesn't stay within the confines defined by the white lines.  For the Bebop one... I suppose it's alright, but the layout looks pretty sparse with only a white backdrop and I personally don't like how the image obviously cuts off Ed's legs.  That can be made less gratting with a little designing.  The Utena one just looks bad if you ask me.  There's nothing wrong with the design, but it's obviously a log design.  As such, it won't be very attractive unless the content is arranged into collumns.  Trying to place frames on top of it... no.  The Eva one is pretty well designed though.  I've seen better and personally strive for better in my works, but it's far from being crap.  I like how everything is nice and contained within that thing that looks like a window.

Thanks for the feedback.

Several of the pages will be specific for a particular anime. eg. The Cowboy Bebop page will have links to Cowboy Bebop wallpapers, desktop themes, etc. So if I were to use a different layout, I suspect a reader will say, "If this page is about Cowboy Bebop, why does it have an Eva layout?"

Andrew -- Is your site just for **one** class? (: You young'uns sure are learning lots in school these days. (:

Tsubasa -- See you at Fanime! Are you a regular at No Name? What do you think of NN having its meeting the same day as Fanime?


aka. Washu! ^O^

Uhhh, yep.  It's a little project of mine.  I already knew a lot about HTML and design and such beforehand so it kinda blew everybody else out of the water (even the teacher's, but that's not saying much XD).


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