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Anime layout sites?

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Drat... I had some higher hopes for Movable Type....  I'll try it out anyway though. ^_^

Call me old-fashioned, but I haven't worked with a lot of this newer stuff you've mentioned (I have played with CSS though).  I generally like to stick with the traditional tables and frames.  I am a self-taught designer from a few years ago, so it'll take me a while to get up to snuff with all the more current codes and developments.  It's been a good at least five years since I've last really worked on intensive coding.  I do know a lot of HTML though; plenty to assemble very table and frame intensive stuff.

I personally don't think I fit into any of those categories.  I love frame-intensive layouts to death.  Sure, they don't look professional, but what if I want to assemble a site that doesn't look professional?  As a simple example, I aspire to make sites like these on my personal domain.  I think there's a time and place for frames.  Maybe or maybe not on a professional site, but for personal sites, it's all really a matter of choice.

Oh, the reason why my frames sites are down is not because the layout itself was bad.  Rather, it's because I believe that my graphic work on those sites were subpar.  I am so critical about my graphic design work; it's a miracle that I actually put something up on my log.

*looks at you people's sites and shrinks*

 They're all purty and way too advannnnnnced for me ;.;

Your site is lovely though, Kima.


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