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Anime layout sites?

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ooohh me like, me like the eva one.... I want to add that to my live journal. anyone wants to help me do it?


--- Quote from: "RyuDOA2Hayabusa" ---ooohh me like, me like the eva one.... I want to add that to my live journal. anyone wants to help me do it?
--- End quote ---

I checked the LJ site and it looks like you'll need a paid account to do major layout changes. Otherwise, you can only change some of the properties of your layout.

LJ customization:

However, in the Eva iframe, you can "simply" put a link to your LJ url. You will then have to customize your LJ to better fit your layout. I **think** you'll want to set your background color to "none". Also, any links in your LJ will need to break frames.

I dunno -- I don't quite see what a 'blog will do that HTML coding can't. I just read the "how to" files in LJ and and customizing a blog template is **not** a trivial task. As far as I can tell, if you can customize a blog, you have the skills to code it by hand. But let me know otherwise.

More fun with JingJing and Richard Milhous Nixon:


aka. Washu! ^O^

an iframe, interesting

My webdesign teacher made this big peeve about using frames, which completely butchered my old navigation layout, so I made a javascript menu that follows the person around ^^  Only 3 extra pages of code for the teacher to sort through  :twisted:

I ended up useing overflow:auto to keep everything in a tiny box.

I've tried customizing LJ, but I had to pay for it, so I moved my blog to my own site hosting (like Tsubasa).  Templates are a cinch to edit, you just need to know your way through HTML.  Then wherever your post you just add the element tag in, and it's done!.  The rest is simply pure HTML, all blog software does is keep it organized for you (so you don't have to copy a whole section of code per post) and archive it by *set length of time here*.  Also stuff like lets you update using software from your desktop instead of going to the site and editing there.

Yes, I have done my homework on blogging.

as for that link, yay for .htaccess XD  We can't access it.

I personally don't care for iframes.  A bit too inaccessable to me and they really don't offer enough advantages for me to ever consider them in layout work.  I'd much rather do an intensive frame layout.  I'd show you peoples some of my work, but I've since deleted every website with a frame layout I've yet put up.  I have horrendously high standards for myself and I felt that the designs were lacking.

Don't understand just why your teacher doesn't like frames, Sus.  From observations and webstats, I've come to the conclusion that the vast, vast majority of internet users use browsers that support frames.  Besides, they allow for such neat layouts and easy navigation.  It's too much of a hassle to make non-frame sites because any minor change in the site organization will require the alteration of multiple separate HTML files. -_-

I've never used LJ myself.  I was a blogger back in the day.  From day one, I've designed my own layouts.  Not content with a big Blogspot banner at the top of my page, I started on a free webhost with FTP uploading.  It wasn't long before I got my domain though, so I made the switch to Greymatter.  I absolutely adore Greymatter.  So many spiffy customization options. XD  It's a pain to rebuild 300+ entry files though. -_-  I think Movable Type and/or B2 might be better suited for handling so many entries, but I'm already with Greymatter for the long run.

Aa~... one of my favorite things about owning a domain: .htaccess.  The only thing better is customizable error pages. XD

XD despite what you might think, Movable Type is a disappointment.  It uses a MySQL table, but not in a way a php forum uses it.  Instead of building up dynamic content using php, it simply uses the sql to store entries and builds it manually, like Greymatter.  It would be a pain building 300+ entries on a MT run site as well.  I'm still waiting for a php dynamic content run engine to come out.

Frames aren't "W3C" compliant, hate those guys >.<  We had to work around sooo much stuff, and it completely messed up Kima's site because she always use frames.  Personally I think there's 3 levels of web designers who use frames.  Those who don't know what they're doing (starter-up geocities pages), those who know what they're doing and use frames to keep their layout in order (websites with decent navagation and uses frames to keep it all organized), then those who have used frames for their purpose in the past and see that they look unprofessional now (Tsubasa's and mine I guess).

Fix for alteration for multiple separate HTML files, use SSI ^^  I love whoever made that.  If I want to edit my nav bar, all I have to do is change one text file and it'll effect my entire site.  Same with my background and css.  If I wanted to, I can change two files and my site would look COMPLETELY different than it does now, and still have all the same content to boot.  SSI, lifesaver ^^

*overabuses .htaccess and .htpsswd*


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