Would anyone like to help me out with my masquerade skit?

Started by Lawliet, April 15, 2007, 05:03:00 PM

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There's a few minor roles that need to be filled (A Shinigami from Bleach and such). If anyone is interested in participating in the masquerade please let me know via PM or replies or whatever. Than you.
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I can't compete, but if you need original music let me know.
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I cosplay as Hitsugaya Toushiro, if you let me know what the script is and what would be my role, I might consider doing it ^^ I'm no noob to skits, and I have my own group Soul Candy Cosplay. So please email me at rurouniashley@aol.com. Thanks!
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Well, I was thinking of not going to Fanime, but if you really do want help in your masquerade skit, I'll be glad to help out if I can. Please send me a script of your idea and I'll let you know if I can help out.