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Dress Up Gathering Idea: Opera

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Right now I want to survey who might be interested in attending at least one opera this year at the War Memorial Opera House, located downtown SF in the Civic Center.

Opera tickets are indeed expensive but there are two inexpensive alternatives we can try -- student rush and/or standing tickets.

--- Quote ---Rush Tickets - Students, Seniors, Military
Rush tickets, if available, go on sale at 11 am on each performance day until 30 minutes prior to curtain. Call the Box Office on the day before the performance you wish to attend to check availability. Full-time students only: $25; Seniors or Military: $30. Limit two per person with current, valid ID.

Standing Room
There are 200 standing room tickets available for each performance at the War Memorial Opera House at $10 each, cash only. Tickets go on sale at 10 am on the day of each performance at the Box Office. 50 tickets are retained for sale two hours before each performance. Standees will be admitted according to their ticket numbers.
--- End quote ---

There's a big risk to relying on rush seats since it depends solely on availability, meaning no rush tickets on very popular performances since they will be sold out.  Chances are pretty good we won't be able to sit together, too.  Standing tickets require us to, guess what, stand.  I don't know if you guys fancy standing for 3 hours.  I did that and it wasn't so bad. XD;  If we get there early enough we can take over the entire row behind the last row of seats where we can lean forward, hang our coats, and so forth.  There are only two areas in the War Memorial Opera House where we can stand, on the main lower floor (better view of the two) and the balcony area (better sound stage of the two).  Unfortunately you cannot stand by the box office seats.  Tried that with a friend already lol.

2006-07 Summer Season
2007-08 Season

I'm quite interested in checking out either or a combination of Don Giovanni, Madama Butterfly, and The Little Prince.  Dammit when are they gonna do Die Walküre? XD  I thought of having us vote for the performances we're interested in but this board doesn't allow voting for multiple options.

If it's not a performance of Aria di Mezzo Carattere or I Want To Be Your Canary, I'm not going. :o


--- Quote from: "Spiritsnare" ---If it's not a performance of Aria di Mezzo Carattere or I Want To Be Your Canary, I'm not going. :o
--- End quote ---

lawl. The Dream Oath, Maria and Draku > Aria di Mezzo Carattere, but that's just me. I'd rather watch the entire opera scene of FF6 and not just the aria section. Give Ultros that much needed love he so deserved. :P

Just thinking about Ultro's tentacles makes me quiver.

As for the gathering, I'm not a formal type of guy, and I don't have formal wear, so I'll have to see.


Sunara Ishi:
If I have ajob by the time this rolls around, I'll go but otherwise... i dunno.

I'll look at the links some other time...


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