Started by darkstar, May 08, 2007, 12:57:16 PM

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Since we've had the schedule for the video for some time, was wondering when we might see the schedule for the Panels and Workshops on the site...


Normally this occurs in the last week before the convention. I know a few years ago it actually didn't really make it up to the site at all, but most of the time it goes up in the last week as people finish up filling the events and stuff.
It all really depends how well the lies are told...


We've had a schedule for over a month now... but it keeps getting changed.  :P

I'll ask the Scheduling Guy.
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I wanna know the panels and live event schedule~
when is it gonna be up????
This year I will Volunteer!

Excited about Karaoke Contest!!


Hopefully will be up by Friday.
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