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So, because of budget/Union Rules/etc., Fanime can't officially provide us any food or drink at the ball.  However, if a certain individual were to buy a whole bunch of stuff and then just happen to leave it on a table for all to enjoy, then that's just fine.  So, I need your help...what kind of snacks/munchies/drinks do people want?  Otherwise, I'll just bring a whole bunch of snacks, like chips, salsa, doritos, soda, etc...Any preferences?

--List so far--
Couple of cases of water
Several 2Ls of various sodas (coke, sprite, lemonade)
Several jugs of different juices

Tortilla Chips (the dry, non-messy kind)
Wheat Thin-type crackers


Hmmmmm... would it not ok to bring beverages of an adult nature to the ball? Perhaps maybe a volunteer to check ID's or would it be more trouble then anything? I am willing to help chip in and bring some party platters to the ball.

Oh, burgers and hotdogs can be pretty inexpensive to cook up. Perhaps if we have ready access to outdoor area we can grill it or if we are confined to indoors perhaps a plug in flat cooker. I would volunteer to man that for an hour or so if it can be arranged.

Akira Miyamoto:
I dunno, nacho fingers and fancy white dresses don't quite mix. Some soda might be nice, though. Bottled water as well...

That's the thing - no one wants to soil their gloves and such with messy foods, so the food has to be pretty easy to eat, not too crumbly, and such, so I'm thinking that Doritos and the like are out.  Corn chips aren't too bad, neither are cookies, but I'm thinking this will be more like snacks rather than dinner =)

There will actually be a water station right outside and one inside the ballroom, but if some people prefer bottled water, we can make that happen also.  I figure I'll do a tentative list on the first post of the thread, and update it as we go on.

Also, unfortunately adult beverages are out...there are just too many difficulties with it.

Eri Kagami:
Unrelated question, but will the ballroom dance have a coat / purse check in? Anime Expo's ballroom dance had a fairly decent system.


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