Schedules: stapled or not?

Started by Tenba, May 22, 2007, 12:40:00 AM

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Do you want your schedules pre-stapled?

7 (50%)
7 (50%)

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Very fast poll.  You have one day to vote.  The schedule is one double-sided 8.5" x 14" sheet per day.  I was thinking we should keep every day separate so people can pick schedules up for just that day, and if you lose the schedule, you wouldn't have to pick up an entire set of 4 sheets.  Besides, since it's two-sided and such a large sheet of paper, I personally think it's a bit of a pain to handle when it's stapled.  However, my boss says fans will want the schedules pre-stapled.  So, I'm asking the fans on the board: is she right?  Do you want your schedules pre-stapled?

Before you vote, though, please see the schedule first.  It's at...

Even though I would generally want schedules stapled myself, I just don't think that this particular schedule is in a format that will work well when stapled together.

Aya Brea

Ideally the full one is available at registration (for plotting on day 0 and the like) but I would feel less bad when I lose one piece of paper a day instead of 4 per day and can pick up just one sheet when I misplace it.  

I don't particularly care if they're stapled or not.


Quote from: "Aya Brea"Ideally the full one is available at registration (for plotting on day 0 and the like)
Plot now!   :wink:

I've been trying to plot what I want to report on during the con, and what I'm finding is that the most efficient way to get a big enough view of everything is print the schedule out single-sided, cut each page in half, and spread them out in front of me.  There's so much stuff here I want to go to that it's very overwhelming!

Stapled or not, all four sheets will be available at Registration by Thursday night, one way or another.  (This year, we asked friends for backup printers and such, so we have three printers on hand near the con, just in case one dies, another that can be picked up in case of an emergency, and someone we can bug to get us a discount at Kinko's if all of those contingencies fail.)  So, even if they're not stapled, you should (hopefully) still be able to go down the line and pick up each of the four sheets on day 0.  ^_^

On the other hand, I guess I shouldn't promise anything until the schedules are actually at Reg.  ^_^;  Pubs apparently managed to overwhelm the four closest Kinko's with schedule printing last year, and I think last year's schedule was only half the size of this year's schedule.


Wow, 1 day isn't too too much time to find and post replies to these type of issues...

Personally, the first thing I will do when I pick up my schedule is to take the staple out.  Its easier to look at different pages (especially double sided ones) when I can flip them around without any hassle.  It also makes it easier to only get one page instead of a whole "packet" for the weekend if I pick up another for the day, since fanime tends to have updated schedules, or some people lose schedules and pick up other ones - the whole weekend isn't needed, just the single day.  I guess this could also apply for those one-day pass con-goers.  One day would be needed; the other 3 days would be thrown away.  Or left on the table.  IMHO, unstapled papers would not only save papers, but staples too.


Quote from: "sailordumb"Wow, 1 day isn't too too much time to find and post replies to these type of issues...
Sorry about that.  We wanted to start printing early, but it turns out we're running into technical difficulties.  The printer is non-working again.  :(  I'm sitting next to the printer waiting for a tech to arrive.  He should be here within about an hour and ten minutes.

It's funny that the vote is 7 to 7...  ^_^;



I vote...stapled.
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if it were normal sized paper then I'd say staples but since it's going to be oversized paper I vote no staple. It just seems like it would be awkward.