Cosplay for 2008

Started by ~~Loktera~~, May 22, 2007, 01:47:36 PM

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My real cosplays(I might have already done thisXD):
Tenten(pre-shippuden......ummm...I might have scrolls.Might be carrying Neji plush^^)~Naruto
Duplica(AKA Ditto girl,DITTO!!)~Pokemon

Sakura(Pre-shippuden,SASUKE PLUSHIE!!!:D)~Naruto

MY 3RD FANIME!!!!!!!
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Not sure if I have the time to make a new costume, nor have any ideas on what to create. I'll probably attend as Bellial aka Madhatter from Angel sanctuary and drag along a random neko outfit ^_^

Bella Anne Summers

I plan to go as...
[Final Fantasy X/X-2] Yuna(songstress or summoner still debating)
[Star Ocean: Till the End of Time] Nel(I have a group :) we are looking for more though.)
[Sailor Moon] I couldn't resist being Super Sailor Moon, and my friend as Saturn!
Thief Rikku [FFX-2]
Buffy Summers [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
Super Sailor Moon [Sailor Moon]
Feena [Grandia I]


If I do manage to go, I`ll probably wear the same things I`ll be wearing to Fuyu-comi:

FF:AC Yazoo
Dolls Shikibu Seijyu
FFXI Dancer Female Elvaan (unsure as this cosplay won`t be my character ^^;)
Amatsuki Bonten
ZONE-00 Byakko

But it all depends on how much the suitcase can carry :X
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Living my life away in Japan...hopefully to return for fanime next NEXT year.


For this upcoming year I just hope to be able to make a Maid outfit
and hope that its good!


I've got a busy lineup for Fanime '08.  I'm pretty excited.

ONE PIECE cosplays:

Jaya Arc  -  Doflamingo
Galley-La/Water 7 - Iceberg
CP9/Enies Lobby - Jyabura
post-Enies Lobby - Monkey D. Garp
Thriller Park - Absalom


Gankutsuou - Count
Bleach - artbook version Renji
possibly an Ouran group


OKAY! Wow. 'Nother update.

For-Sure Cosplays:
~Sasuke Uchiha (blue and white version - Naruto)
~Shippuuden Sasuke (Naruto Shippuuden)
~Haku (Naruto)
~Sai (Naruto Shippuuden. Subject to change if at any time I decide I do not like my tummy)
~Demyx (Kingdom Hearts II)

Possible Cosplays: (not all of these will become definites. Probably just one or two)
~Kairi pink dress (Kingdom Hearts II)
~Misa Amane - confinement version (Death Note)
~Mikuru Asahina - Battle Waitress version (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
~Belle or Ariel (Disney/KH/KHII)
~Kalifa (One Piece)
~My "secret cosplay", which I can't really say 'cuz I don't know if my friends are on this board, or when they will be on this board. But what I CAN say is that it depends on whether or not I can make those darned wings...

2010 Cosplays:
~Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto: Shippuuden)
~Katara (Avatar Book 3)
~Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)
~Cain (Starfighter)
~Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji)


Here are the cosplays I will be attempting for the coming year!!!!

. Cosplay List 2008 . [+completion]
-Kouga [inuyasha] 10%
-Sai [naruto shipuuden] 45%
-Robin [teen titans] 35%
-Archer [fate stay night] 30%
-Horohoro [shaman king] 40%
-Romeo [romeo x juliet] 20%
-Allegretto [eternal sonata(xbox)] 5%

Yup, pretty much naked, barely clothed, or have something very tight fitting.. (.___. );;


anyone cosplaying from Oakland? ???


KH2: Organization XIII Roxas (but I'll also make his regular clothes if I have time ^_^')
That's all for now. >_> Maybe I'll think of more later.


Quote from: iTSUMOxAi on December 02, 2007, 01:47:50 AM
anyone cosplaying from Oakland? ???
i'm pretty close to oakland. hayward here.
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im thinkng something along the lines of
rubb rabbit - feel the magic
anji mito- guilty gear
manji- blade of the immortal
ari- okage shadow king
gin - gintama
Tuxedo mask- sailor moon
temari- naruto
captain kurro- one piece

and if i get around to it a maid costume from he is my master what do you guys think? il also bring a couple more along just for fun ^_^
there just inst enough time for all the costumes i want to do -_-
Cosplay Fanime 09
White & Red Ninja- 100%
Tuxedo mask - Sailor moon - 100%
Ginji- GetBackers 100%
Captain Kuro - one piece 100%


This'll be my first Fanime, third convention ever. The other cons I went to were three days long, as are many others I've heard about, so here I assumed Fanime would be the same. -_- I need a fourth costume pronto! Well, maybe not pronto since we still have six months, but you know.

For sure I'm going as:
Time Jump Hinata from Naruto Shippuuden
Koumei from Koutetsu Sangokushi
Black Jack from... do I have to say it? Black Jack.
Alternate personalities for Fanime 2008:
TimeJump Hinata: 9%
Koumei: 8%
Black Jack: 67%
Gwendal: 38%


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Look to the left of my sig photo.

The Laughing Man

Hey Laughing Man, gonna goto the dance with the Light saber again? xD
Who should I call next? The Shrimp?


*claps hands*  ;D Oh you remembered of course I will!

It's Obi-Wan Kenobi's Episode 3 FX Lightsaber or Bust!
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I might try doing Mithos from Tales of Symphonia.


General plans, not Fanime specific.  A lot will depend on what I have finished by Sakuracon.

Ise Nanao (Bleach): have shihakushou version, working on an original handpainted kimono design and a new (bigger, better) Book.
Okita Souji (Peacemaker): an excellent lazy costume, even if it hardly gets recognised.  May wear just because it's done.  It's the yukata version, but I want to get a Shinsengumi haori put together too, just for kicks.
Unohana Retsu (Bleach): backup for Bleach, but I loathe the extensions and I destroyed my Minazuki at AX (and probably won't have time to remake him), so she'll only get worn if my sister asks (since she'll be a Fourth Squad mook).

Road Kamelot (D.Gray-man): almost entirely done, aside from the fact that I keep putting off the skirt ever since a slip of the scissors destroyed the first draft.  Lero needs transplanting now that I have a parasol for him.  (I'm hoping for a shiny new outfit, too.)
Nue (Air Gear): first regalia version, because I am not (quite) that insane.  Hardly started, but I think I have a pretty good idea of how to do it going forward.
Ryuushi Risai (Juuni Kokki / Twelve Kingdoms): work in progress.  The main time-consuming factors with this one are the boots and the fact that there are lots of layers to the costume.  Still, should be comfortable and shiny, but it's the lowest on priorities for unfinished costumes.

I'm also exceedingly suggestible when faced with something shiny.  ;_;  There's a list of other things either in progress or that I want to do, but I've resigned myself to the fact they're probably not happening this year, with three very involved costumes (and maybe a fourth) to work on.
2012 Plans:
  • Gypsy Queen / Kaya Syokka (Trinity Blood)
  • Risai (Juuni Kokki/Twelve Kingdoms)
  • Shusui (Saiunkoku Monogatari)
  • others TBD


Doesn't anyone just go with one, if you have one then spend that time making it the best damn cosplay outfit
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Hmm, I'm not sure entirely of who I shall go as.  It's decisions decisions decisions.

Umbrella Corp. Zombie Doctor - Resident Evil
Nicholas D. Wolfwood - Trigun
Villetta Nu- Code Geass
Duke Devlin - Yugioh Abridged