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No photography allowed at the ZZ concert?


So was this only for the ZZ concert, or will there be no photography allowed at any of the musicfests?  Because I would love to have some photos of the bands for my photography project...

Pimpstress Rei:
There will be no photography of any of the bands unless it is specified that you can take pictures. Good rule of thumb is, don't take pictures during the concert and ask all other times if you can take pictures of/with the band.

Please be polite to our guests, even if they say you can't take a picture. They're tired from flying from Japan so cut them a little slack. I'm sure there will be other times to take pictures if your initial request is denied.

Pretty much, every time I've been to a concert (albeit, the only concerts I go to are J-Music concerts), photographs were not allowed. I've pretty much gotten used to it, and refrain from bringing my camera. The cell phone thing is pretty new though. I can understand not wanting a thousand flashes going off in your face while you play, but cell phones don't usually have flashes, unless they don't want unofficial pictures out because of company reasons.

Well photography (no flash though) was allowed on Friday, so I got some great shots of Lemon Drop Kick and Art Beat.

The security guys were really cool and I made sure to ask them about photography before the concerts started.


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