Craziest thing at Fanime 2007!

Started by Touya no Miko, May 29, 2007, 12:20:24 AM

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my craziest thing was me and my friends went to safeway and got some food, then we were in the lobby eating, when we started going around asking if anyone know and cute asian chicks for one of my buddies. then one of the guys overheard us and invited us up to the presidential suite of the marriot for a party. it kinda sucked, but i ahd never seen the inside of a presidential suite before. it was pretty cool.

i think it got loud and hotel security was called, so i had to hustle some underage buddies outta there, but allinall it was purty kewl.

we never stayed too late... cept for saturday. but we started losing conciousness and since we didnt have a room we had to go home. T.T
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you must've had some night! Man I hope I have a lot of fun at Fanime, its the only place that I'll feel comfortable at.