Random Poll about Program Guides, just for fun

Started by Tenba, May 30, 2007, 09:17:07 PM

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Do you want FanimeCon to make the print shop print and mail you the FanimeCon 2007 Program Guide?

Yes!  I'll cherish mine forever and ever!  In fact, I still have every last program guide from every last Fanime I've been to!
2 (25%)
Yes.  Better late than never.
2 (25%)
No, it's OK.  I'm fine with just the digital version.
1 (12.5%)
No, I actually rip up the program guide to digitize it anyways.
1 (12.5%)
No, I normally throw the program guide away after the con.
0 (0%)
No!  I don't want to know all the good stuff I missed!  That'd be rubbing salt in the wound!  ;_;
0 (0%)
No.  Whoever said "Better late than never" lied through their teeth!
0 (0%)
Yes.  Just yes.
2 (25%)
No.  Just no.
0 (0%)

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I don't have any authorization from upper management to post this (I don't have authorization from upper management to post anything, actually), and I don't expect this poll will have any influence on what they do about the program guides, but I'm very curious about how people felt about getting a program guide for a convention after it's over.  As of this moment, we do NOT have a full set of program guides from the print shop.  If the print shop can be convinced to print out the program guides, how many of you still want them?

From my point of view, it's the most beautiful program guide in the history of FanimeCon (but I'm biased; I helped on it  ^_^; ), and everybody should keep and cherish a copy of it forever and ever.

However, the more realistic side of me wonders if everybody else would agree.  I wonder how many people throw theirs away after the con because the information is out of date.  I wonder how many rip apart and digitize theirs instead (which isn't necessary this year because the PDF is online).

Remember: this poll is just for fun and out of idle curiosity.  Furthermore, I'd be interested to hear more opinions, suggestions, anecdotes, etc. about the program guide in general.  Vent; it'd be good to get it off your chest.  Or tell printing jokes; we can use the humor.

I made the poll last 7 days.