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The Ctrl + V game

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Hit "REPLY", and then hit Ctrl + V and see what comes up.





--- Quote from: Anti Ai-chan;1926923 ---
@Kaoru: You wouldn't happen to have any pictures would you? I'd love to see the Fanime gathering!

--- End quote ---

[COLOR="Navy"]I did, however there are some complications.  For one, my digital camera is busted so all I had were disposables, and I haven't been able to get them from the drugstore yet (but I will, you can be assured of that).

Another is that I had to leave to gathering early because I was going to see "Fanboy Beebop" with some friends, however, someone decided that they would push "Fanboy Beebop" an hour to show the demo of the new Naruto game, so I ended up missing the second half of the gathering for nothing :untrust: :miffed: :fuming: :devil: :sulk: :angry: (as you can tell, I am still pretty peeved)[/COLOR]



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