The Ctrl + V game

Started by DeyanMarkovski, June 11, 2007, 09:02:23 AM

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WAHHHHHHHHH where is patty and hiyori when you need them the most

cosplays for 09
main:Eevee ginjika ?%
Sides:Mitsuru 15% lol i have the hair naturally


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Yay, Haruko.



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   If you just rode into town, after a ten hour road trip to Fanime with five of your friends in that small car without air conditioning, you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If its day two of Fanime and you get on the elevator with a group of people, that immediately get off at the first available stop, leaving you behind, you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If your over night kit consists of a comb, and cologne,  you might have Fan-boy Funk.

   "Why do birds suddenly disappear, every time you are near?"  It's not a bad omen,  you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   When you walk thru the concourse,  do people keep checking the bottoms of their shoes?   Then you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If on Sunday your still wearing the same clothes you wore on Thursday,  you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If you pulled an all-nighter in the hentai room,  you may have Fan-boy Funk.
   That vendor in the dealers room you just bought that DVD from with tears in his eyes.  Were those tears of joy over a cash purchase, or is it  Fan-boy Funk?

   If you are in a video room, watching the second story in  Katsuhiro Otomo's "Memories", do people turn around and point at you?   Then you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If you haven't bathed since Wednesday,  you may have Fan-boy Funk.

   If people start saying to you "You stink!",   GET A CLUE!!!  YOU'VE GOT FAN-BOY FUNK!

So remember boys, and girls: "Attend, don't offend."


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2010 cosplay...?
Zero:80% Kadaj:?? Sisen:??



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