Recruiting Staff for 2008

Started by Tenba, June 14, 2007, 03:37:43 AM

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This year, I'm head of Code Name: Division 5, and I'm looking for staff.  Division 5 is responsible for doing the program guide, newsletters, flyers, signs, printing, and the web site.  (I'd like to call the group "Publications", but the name hasn't been fully approved yet.)  I need staff who can do some or all of the following:

  • Proofreading.  With the Internet being full of mistakes, many people are used to reading what was meant rather than what's on the screen, but it would still be nice to make sure that text is correct before things get printed or put on a web site.  Therefore, I need people who can point out and correct errors.  Proofreading will mostly occur before the convention via e-mail.

  • Reporting.  There are many things going on, and not everybody can be everywhere at once.  So, it's nice to have a lot of people who can give an accurate report about what happened at a staff meeting or panel.  Reporting requires attending the event and then submitting notes via e-mail, hopefully within the same day.  With plenty of cons, Asian culture festivals, staff meetings, and panels, there are lots of opportunities for reporting before and during the convention.  Depending on the reporting assignment, reporters may be required to attend staff meetings.

  • Writing.  I was trying to hire people who can both report and write before, but it seems that it's rare to have both skills.  It's one thing to give an accurate account of what happened, but it's quite another to be able to phrase it in a way that's meaningful and interesting.  Writers need to be able to read through a potentially boring or chaotic report, figure out what's interesting and important about the report, and make a readable article out of it.  Depending on the writing assignment, writers may be required to attend staff meetings.

  • Editing.  I need one or more Chief Editors for Newsletters.  There are supposed to be 16 issues of the FanimeCon newsletter per year, and I just haven't been able to get it done.  The Chief Editors need to decide what articles need to be present in each newsletter, assign reporters and writers to get those articles, get a proofreader to look over the articles, compile all the information into a PDF, and direct the Print and/or Web groups about how the newsletters need to be distributed.  Chief Editors are not required to attend staff meetings.  There are 10 pre-con online issues and 6 at-con print issues, so there is a lot of room to choose which issues you want to work on.

  • Printing.  If someone has experience dealing with print shops, we can arrange pre-con hours, but otherwise, the print positions are at-con right now.  Basically, you take a shift during the convention and sit in a room with a printer.  Other departments will ask for things to be printed, and you print them and make sure they get delivered or picked up.  You have to have a laptop capable of printing PDF and Word documents.  You will need to use the laptop at the convention, and you will probably have to install print drivers onto it.

  • Print design.  The print designer would take art and text specified by the department and arrange them into an attractive flyer or other print medium.  Print designing doesn't require attendance at meetings, and all work would be via e-mail.

  • Web work.  Right now, there's still time to turn in a portfolio to Cc: if people want to apply to help with the web design for 2008.  (For more details, see  However, the deadline to apply for web designer is today.  Sorry about that.  Even if you don't make the design deadline, there may be potential openings for people to help out with updating and maintaining the web site front end.
I have enough openings that most positions can be made to conform to the mix of tasks people would like to perform.  For example, you can choose to be Chief Editor for some issues of the newsletter and a proofreader on others.  Staff are required to put in a minimum of 24 hours per year to earn their staff badge (although most put in far more hours than that), but I'm willing to negotiate whatever mix of pre-con and at-con hours people want to work (in addition to the mix of tasks they want to perform).

To apply, please send e-mail to  Please indicate which tasks you're interested in, what experience you might have doing those tasks, and what hours you would like to work.

Thank you!