All Things CLAMP - Gathering 2014

Started by hellangel, June 17, 2007, 12:38:47 AM

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Me and my friend shall be there =D


Aw mmaann~
First off, sorry i didn't attend last year, but my plans changed costume wise. ( saw m name on the list last year and felt the need to apologize)

But now I'm actually debuting Dragon Queen and can't make the gathering D8 Saturday is Final Fantasy day for meee *sad face*


And on another delightful note, another good friend of mine has confirmed she can show up to as Yuui from Horitsuba.


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Due to scheduling conflicts with other meet-ups, we've been moved to 1:30 PM instead of 1 PM. That still alright with everyone?
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Not attending for 2014. Sorry!


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Hey, All~

Would anyone here be down to running the Gathering itself in my place, in the (highly likely) event that I can't be at con during the day?

I'll continue to keep the gathering info updated and all, so all you'll have to do is call out groups/series and generally congregate the masses ;;;
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I'll be there as Zero (Lelouch's disguise from Code Geass) for sure! When you say Fountain though, you mean the one directly in front of the convention center correct? Was there a specific side of the fountain you had in mind?
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It's the flowerbed now SADNESS. So...the middle of it?
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@hellangel- Regarding the predicament; if nobody else steps in, I suppose I wouldn't mind helping out and running the gathering in your place. ^^; This will be my second year organizing and running the Vocaloid gathering so I have a little bit of experience.
Not attending for 2014. Sorry!


hellangel, I hope you come.  It's going to feel different without your presence ;__;  I understand if you can't.  The rest of us run the gathering just as good as you have done ^__^


I don't think I can make it then . . . D:


Hello everyone, my friend and I will be cosplaying from CCS:

Me: Catch you, catch me!Sakura
omgyaystars: School uniform!Tomoyo

Can't wait to see all the pretties again this year!
I love candy, I love sugar, I love to be a chuchu forever~ XD


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I'll be wandering around as Ashura from RG Veda. Hopefully I'll make it by!

Yatta Dante

Zero from Code Geass will be there! :)
~Yatta Dante


Would anyone happen to have photos from the 2012 gathering? I'd love to see them!


I'm currently editing the pics.  I post the link soon.  Thank you for waiting  :D