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Author Topic: Black And White Ball 2008 Updated 4/21  (Read 27639 times)

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Re: Black And White Ball 2008 Updated 4/21
« Reply #100 on: July 17, 2008, 05:53:13 PM »

How do you guys not understand that this needs a HUGE room. I'm glad this year's room is bigger than last year but clearly not enough. How long were people stuck standing in line? When I left the line still went all the way down the hall and then curved. Bad planning :(
Apologies! We moved it to a room that was 50% bigger and even removed extra equipment in order to expand the size... but it still wasn't enough. We're looking at making the room an additional 50% larger for next year, but now our problem is finding a big enough dance floor... in any case, it's definitely something we're working on!

well honestly speaking and i'm sorry if this sounds bad. but i don't think that many people care about a dance floor,i myself wouldn't even mind if was in a carpeted,hardwood floor or cement ground. i dont think it really matters as long as you have the music,formal wear, and people dancing


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Re: Black And White Ball 2008 Updated 4/21
« Reply #101 on: July 17, 2008, 07:14:42 PM »

Wouldn't a hardwood floor or something like that with no carpeting be better for dancing?  (has images of heels caught in the carpeting   ???

I like thesmallwonder's suggestion of cycling people through:  "Why don't you instead focus on a system that cycles people through. Group numbers, so one group is scheduled from 7-8 another 8-9 another 9-10." Or a similar idea.
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