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Started by Chace, October 25, 2007, 02:21:12 PM

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With a second room DJing Music, what genre would you like to hear?

9 (13.4%)
4 (6%)
30 (44.8%)
80's/90's Old Favs
20 (29.9%)
Other (please respond on post)
4 (6%)

Total Members Voted: 65


any new news so far?
o_o cypher.s.yes
How about B-boy battles?
emcee battels..toohaha


the 80's/90's music would be amazing to play! also how about some club music x: something to actually dance to rather than just anime, game and electornica music

:3 personally I would like dance to pop/rock or punk


lol 70s, 80s and early 90s!!!! give me a breakbeat!

dj 8-ball

Wow I didn't know there was some support for 80's/90's. That's usually what I play anywayz (hip-hop & freestyle). If I get to DJ Fanime again that's definitely what I'd be playing.

2 rooms is an EXCELLENT idea. This way you can break up the music formats.


80's and 90's is pretty cool, but how 'bout some Disco in there too? Maybe make it an all together retro room. That'd be awesome.
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DJ Jinrei

You get your hard style on, your rave & step style on and Hip-Hop flows magically with House...so....*thinks*...you get you B-Boy on.  With those focus, 80's and Pop with Japanese Hip-Hop and Trance are realistic to do in a "non-stop" fashion... that way you pass right out after every dance an put yourselves right to sleep in your rooms.. instead of tripping over you hanging out in the hallways... *stares at Patric and Dominic* >:(



You didn't trip over me in the hallway sucka!  If anything I was the furthest one away from you so in itself you probably tripped over pat! XP
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I still don't know when you tripped over pat or anything like that.  You sure you didn't dream it? XD


Hmmm... I think I might know the DJ who is gonna spin for the rave this year... I'll show him your suggestions and make sure if it is the person I am thinking of.



Quote from: darkknightcecil on January 31, 2008, 04:00:18 PM
I shall be Djing Also :D>Z<

if you are, can I send you The Garnet Star CD on aim? It's a really good Touhou Remix CD and it will kick ass at the dance.
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OK.... So my request is Techno/Trance/Rave. Make it fast. Make it hard. Especially if its Psy or Jungle!
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havok rt

My personal taste in music is rock(all kinds)but you can't really dance to a lot of it, and I doubt that Fanime would let us start a mosh pit so meh...I don't really dance but I'd be down for whatever. though I'd like some ska (Reel Big Fish FTW!).
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Anything by DJ Hixxy would be great XD Happy Hardcore all the way, in my opinion.


Needs a lot more of this.

Gabber, Rotterdam, Freeform, Trancecore, Hardstyle, Nu style Gabber, Acid anything, Goa trance.
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Uhm...I'd love to hear all of the DDR-esque rave music and whatnot that most fanime-attendees like...

But I also think that we should include some NERD ("She Wants to Move" and "Brain" are pretty good) or rap with a beat that's danceable.~~~~

Just a suggestion




I agree with her. No J-hip-hop, though, please. J-hip-hop to me = EPIC FUCKING FAILURE.


^_^ I happen to be an 8-bit music artist and would like to play at the rave I compose my own music and have quite a bit of audio equipment my self I've sent many messages to staff ect but no answer so If someone could give me a number I would greatly appreciate it thank you.

My Website: myspace.com/vexmode

Also If there is to be a DJ please play:  Hard Style, REAL Trance, and Euro Hits.  >.> but yes this room needs more hardstyle
check out the links great music for dancing and look around for instructionals if you dont know how to dance I'm sure everyone would enjoy this music even the hip-hop ppls.

Hardstyle: http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=L9DYSco4JPo

REAL TRANCE: http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=eBDPEY5F01A