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This guy puts my 'store' to shame...

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So here I thought I was the only one crazy among us here that had way too much stuff in his room whether anime or video game related...

This guy puts me to shame...


anyone's 2 cents?

On the other hand, I would not show my grandmother my room if it looked like that!

Well it's a good thing my grandmother doesn't live in the US. :P

Lemme guess... He's 40, never had a girlfriend, and the picture is in his parents basement.

Or he's a sexy oldschool gamer in his mid twenties and that's one of his storage rooms of 3 for just his video games....

Hey, a girl can dream...

dood. My shit is still on the porch, all in boxes. At least you all have places to put shit. I may have to sell off almost everything. (My grandparents are great...but I feel like I am more of a burden than anything else.)

I can beat that easy except for the video game stuff since I`m not a gamer.I have over 300 anime,tv and movie dvds.120 music cd`s,100 anime and j-scifi action figures and wall to wall posters or wall scroll in my 750 sq. foot condo.

I`d put up pictures but I don`t own a digital camara nor the computer skills to do it.But basiclly my condo looks like a combo dvd/action figure store.



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