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Started by mlarad, November 12, 2007, 03:24:58 AM

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We are Nobodies-C-Wigs, we are open for custom commissions on wigs for this coming season 2008. We have been cosplaying for over a year. We have styled over 20 different wigs from many different characters from anime, manga and video games.

Here is the Link to the Gallery of the Wigs we have styled.

We do custom orders, even if you don't see your desired wig for a certain character we still can make it. We like to style wigs to perfection, we don't have a base rate because there are too many different characters and styles. If you are interest please message us at our email address

or at the one of the following websites

please include a reference picture of the character that you want the wig for and we will give you a quote. For examples of the wigs we have styled you can check the link above.

Payment: We accept PayPal ONLY. Sorry! but we cannot accept any other type of payment at this time.

Shipping: The shipping cost will depend on the wig. For most of the wigs will be standard shipping unless your wig require a bigger box or include accessories that cannot fit in the regular box. All the wigs will come in a wig head to make sure it gets to you safe. Make sure that you include the city and state of where you want us to shipped the wig so we can give you the price along with the quote of the wig. We can also shipped world wide just make sure that you state that when you request the quote we will include it there.

* We attend several anime conventions through the year specially in So California. If you would prefer to avoid the shipping price you can pick up your wig at the convention and there will be no shipping fee! When you request the quote you can inquire about convention pick up. Here are some of the confirmed conventions for 2008.

- Anime Los Angeles 2008

- So Cal Spring Gathering 2008

- FanimeCon 2008

- Anime Expo 2008

- Comic Con 2008

- So Cal Summer Gathering 2008

- Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008

- Japan Expo 2008

* PLEASE REMEMBER* If you would like to request a wig for a specific convention please take into account the time we have spend in styling the wig, shipping and extra time for problems they may occur.

We like to do the work as perfect as we can. We don't just get scissors and any type of spray to style a wig. We analyze the character, we try to get the best wig and best materials to work with you wig. We like perfection in all our work!!!

Thanks for looking!!!