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December 5th: International day of the ninja

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So how will you celebrate this beloved of all days?
I will personally go around posting flyers all over my college that remind people that is ninja day on the 5th. The flyers won't actually lead people to event, they simply remind them when the day is.That's it. XD
I will also show up to school in a ninja mask.If I can, I will record this and post it on youtube for everyone's enjoyment. I will enjoy a ninja burger on this day aswell.
Here's a picture of all us ninja having a picnic last year.

Boy that was a busy scene.
So how about you folks?

first international pirate day...

and now this?


course I still dont know how to wrap a black t-shirt around my head like a ninja thing.

I'll go check " Ask a ninja "


--- Quote from: Glitch on November 20, 2007, 08:47:49 PM ---Here's a picture of all us ninja having a picnic last year.
(Image removed from quote.)
Boy that was a busy scene.

--- End quote ---

Ahahahahahaha.. @__@;

Ninjas 4 life.

Sunara Ishi:
I will honor this day by wearing all black. XP


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